New Zealands #1 Organic Fertilizer – Now In America!

I have been using GreenGanic for 25 years. I’ve been using GreenGanic for 15 months. We’ve been using GreenGanic for 25 years now. My purpose is to grow my cows and my stock as
quick as I can and achieve the best results so that’s what I’m looking to do. Our stock is the first to go off to the market and I’m definitely receiving excellent weights and I would say that’s what it’s done, it’s helped
me to achieve the level that I’ve reached. Well it’s very easy to store. Because it’s organic it’s perfectly safe so if it should
spill, it doesn’t do any harm at all. It’s easy to manage, it’s easy to put on,
to mix it and apply it. GreenGanic can be applied at any time of the year
so long as you can get over the property. It sort of suits me if I could
use the term, “down to the ground” because it doesn’t cost me a big truck to come and put it on. I’ve been able to apply it myself through my own equipment and so there’s been a huge savings from that point of view and I’ve only seen good results from it and
I’ve been very very happy with the product. My motto is that we put on a good
quality product and we get good results. You can see it when you tip it out of the drum. I mean that’s what I like about it. With other products,
I was tipping it out and it looked like water. I was ringing them up and asking them if
they had stirred it properly in the factory and could they come and get it because it
just looked like a real watery brew and I got this stuff and it’s like tipping out golden
syrup. You know? It just looks good. And it’s obviously made my grass a lot sweeter because
the cows are mowing it down like a lawnmower. They’re not worrying about and picking at things,
they’re just eating the whole lot. We are really looking at building up the
animal so that when pathogens come along they’re better able to fight it off themselves with less help and especially less intervention from us so we
think that’s a wise and natural way of farming. Before using this, we found that our pasture
was very patchy and open in areas. We’ve always used super-phosphates and chemical applications like that and we wanted to go to something that’s better on the
environment but obviously with the results to go with it. Since using it, it’s definitely increased the volume of grass and the quality of grass and our weeds
have actually diminished as well. It’s good stuff because you can put it on even when it’s pouring
down with rain and it’s still going to stick to the grass. With a lot of other products, that’s the hard thing,
you have to have the perfect conditions and when farming in New Zealand if you’re waiting for the perfect conditions to
put your spray on, then you might never get it on. With the life of the delphinium plant, I used to more or
less grow them for 12 months and then chuck them out now I’m able to keep them producing for 2-3 years before I
have to throw them out so that’s a tremendous advantage. It’s about trying to get the best results out of the
orchard using the best products available to the grower and as a grower, you soon get to
know what products work better than others and it’s a case of narrowing down what products are the
best at giving us the results that we’re looking for. We’re getting better color in our product. A lot deeper green and they certainly look a lot healthier
when we’re cutting our product. People do comment on the intensity
of the flower color that we get. I got 400 apple cucumbers off of one small plant. When I put it in the ground, within 2 months, I was
averaging 24 apple cucumbers every 2 days off one plant. Even my neighbors couldn’t believe it. It was still fruiting for 2 months when it
should have been dug out and dead. The product is easy to use, anyone can use it and I don’t
have to look over anyone’s shoulders when they’re using it. It’s a simple product to use, with results. It’s the only product that I know of where, at
planting time, it won’t burn newly forming roots. We find that the root growth is also a lot better as well. When we send the plant out, it gets
a good start out in the field. That’s something that we may not get
using other types of products but certainly we get that good root growth and good,
“get up and grow” result once they’ve been transplanted. With normal fertilizers we’ve found
that there’s less and less earthworms and more people will probably be turning back and using a
product like this that gets earthworm populations back up. We had about a 4 inch topsoil here and a very wet property. Since putting it on, we’ve got about a spade depth of
topsoil and we’ve got worm numbers now that are staggering. If you’ve got earthworms in your soil and you’ve created
that microbial activity and those earthworms are really active they’re going to create natural soil fertility and build
that humus layer for you as well. So it can save quite a bit of time when you’ve
got someone else working for you 24/7 under the ground. Since switching to the product, I’ve had no veterinary bills
or any health problems in my animals whatsoever. I’ve found their coats have been a lot shinier and
they’ve been a picture of really good health actually. They’re all asleep by lunch time and that’s a good sign. That means your cow’s got everything
in his diet that he needs. The cow that’s asleep at 12 o’clock is a good happy cow
and she’s going to put on weight and produce milk. It’s the same with people, you know? If we build up our bodies and keep ourselves healthy we get less sick than if we let ourselves get run
down and don’t sleep and especially don’t eat properly. In these greenhouses we filled them all up with a variety called “Pacific Giants” and they get about a meter and a half outside and we
grew them in here and they just hit the bloody roof. They were just growing too well. Basically all these plants that we’re growing now are dwarfs. I can sum it up with this… before, the most hay they had
ever been able to get off it was 700 bales, right? Last year I made the equivalent of 1,800 bales.
I’ve tripled it almost. Last year we were embarrassed with grass with 55
head on and made 1,609 bales of hay. If you want healthy vegetables or flowers then this
is the product that you should be using. About 4 or 5 days ago, in drove
this bloke from down the road and he said, “I’ve been going past and looking at your grass” and he said, “I’d like to lease the property
because I’ve never seen grass like that before” We’re getting 3, nearly 4 cuts every 12 months out of
these greenhouses and that’s without any heating or lighting. As you can see, they leak like a sieve so we can’t heat
them or light them really, but we’ve found we don’t have to. We don’t do a lot of advertising. Basically, we’re driven by word of
mouth and our product quality and we keep on building greenhouses so that
tells you how good our plants are. I certainly wouldn’t try to grow a crop without it. You know? That’s the way it’s become now. The vines are
looking so good and I want to keep them that way and I want to improve them and the only way to
do that is to keep using a product that you’ve got some knowledge of
and is going to work for you. As you can see by the grass that we grow and
the cattle we can graze, I can’t find anything better. The beauty about it is it’s so easy to put on. I take a watering can with 7 liters of water and put 50
milliliters of GreenGanic in and just water it on the plants. It obviously benefits the leaf to start with and then it starts benefiting the roots as the
leaves can produce more sugar with the chlorophyll. It’s not harmful to plants in any way,
being organic, a natural substance. The vines seem to like it. It works for my potatoes so it’s getting it again. The results are incredible. Everything’s so green and bright and big. You can see this one here, the size of them and we give them away to a restaurant
for their fish meals, and the sweetness there’s just something in the fruit itself because it
hasn’t been force-fed by chemicals and stuff I sprayed some down on the grass as you can see
just to give it a bit of a boost and this is the difference between
spraying GreenGanic there and not spraying it there. It’s very convenient and it’s very economical.
A 200 liter drum can feed over 40 acres and just look at the grass, it keeps on producing. We find that you have to set trends instead of following them because the guys that make the money are the ones
who are first to utilize a new product and get the major benefits before everybody else jumps
in that line and depresses the prices so it pays to be in the lead. It’s not just as a last resort, it should be a first resort. GreenGanic, again, works on any type of plant. Be
it household or commercially grown, the results are there.

2 thoughts on “New Zealands #1 Organic Fertilizer – Now In America!

  1. I tried greenganic and it works fabulous! I absolutely looooooove it!! I will never poison my plants again with miraclegro!

  2. I just tried it recently and I was pretty amazed at how fast it started working. I mean like within 20 minutes after I applied it, the leaves just perked up. It was pretty crazy. For some reason though, it's really hard to find reviews online about it. I guess because it's a new product maybe? Either way though, my results have been really good so I just wanted to throw in my two cents.

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