Hi John Conway from Sparkling Bins.
Thanks once again for tuning in and watching one for updates you’ve recently
seen some videos I posted regarding our next generation SB 4 trash spring
cleaning truck, the only truck in the industry that can actually pick up two
bins at the same time and clean two at the same time both using 8 gallons of
water per minute per head. We’re now using heads that can handle temperature
as high as steam. They are proprietary sparkling bins with
two patents pending on a system. The maintenance bin is here. These are bins
are being cleaned on a monthly basis five seconds as the cleaning cycle two
heads running at the same time at 240 degrees. Absolutely these bins have been
sanitized in record time. The efficiency that we’re seeing is helping our drivers
get done in half the time in terms of our cleaning process here presidential
trash and recycle bin again five seconds the cleaning cycle at 240 degrees. The
Sparkling Bins continues to listen to our clients we continue to provide the
best systems in the industry here’s a quick video of two first time bins that
would normally take us about 45 to 60 seconds to clean them. These 2 bins
using 240 degrees or cleaned in 25 seconds. Look at the amount of steam
coming out of there that absolutely there’s not a system in the industry
that has the efficiency behind what we have right here we have two patents
pending as I mentioned before sparkling bins continues to listen to our clients.
We are the trendsetters. We are the leaders that have been here now for nine
years to give us a call 305 382 2467 We
have seven models available for you but our next generation SB 4 truck is a
game changer.

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