No-till and Strip-till in Organic Production, Dana Jokela, IA

Hi, my name is Dana Joko. I’m a graduate student in the department of horticulture at Iowa State University and I received a ser graduate student Grant last year and I’ve completed the first year of a project looking at organic no-till production of broccoli and bell peppers and we’re trying to see if we can find a Union of of no tail production with organic practices that allow us to Achieve Good Yields while reducing the impact of tillage on Inorganic cropping systems yeah, so the The goal is to develop a production system based on cover crops and reduction of tillage that allows for Improved Yields and so farmers can can be economically viable while improving the the environmental sustainability of their practices and the funding from Sarah has helped to support all the labor and material inputs that are required to carry out this study and We’re continuing this this current year and at the end of the year. We’ll have two years of Data, and we’ll see what we find

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