Nourishing the World 🌍, Organically 🥗 – The Story of Sylvia Kuria!

Hi, my name is Sylvia Kuria and I’m running a farm here in Limuru, Kenya, and the name of the farm is Sylvia’s Basket. So we moved down to Limuru from the city about 7 years ago, and when we did I had a little garden which I started doing some farming on it, and I really enjoyed the farming but then at some point, of course, like everyone else, I encountered pests and diseases. So I went to my local agro veg shop and asked for something to deal with them. But when I saw what they gave me I wasn’t very comfortable with it because it was very strong. The chemicals were too strong and I wasn’t comfortable feeding my children that food. But I went ahead and I did my research and I got to learn about how to do organic farming and how it’s important to use manure, different practices in permaculture, composting so you can be able to get a rich soil. Doing crop rotation, companion planting. So our vision is to make organic food accessible to as many people as possible in Kenya. What we have done is that we have tried our best to make our organic food accessible. You realise sometimes that it can be very expensive, but I asked myself why should i make it expensive and yet it is good food, and why can’t everyone get access to it. So our pricing is similar to the food that is from the conventional farms and because of that I have been able to get more clients coming in, because they are like, since it’s affordable let me try it out, and once they try it out I’ve got so many reports where they say, you know, your kale, your spinach, your carrots are so sweet. I tell them it’s because they are just growing in the natural way that they were supposed to have grown. We are not altering anything about the plant. It is just growing the way it is supposed to be and that is why it is that tasty.

6 thoughts on “Nourishing the World 🌍, Organically 🥗 – The Story of Sylvia Kuria!

  1. This is awesome Milo…… Let's eat our veggies just the way God intended them to be eaten…… Natural!!

  2. Happy to see such inspirational stories being shared! motivates us the youth into the world of organic agriculture! #proudtobekenyan #thinkorganickenya #organictuesday #weareorganic

  3. Very impressive story that organic farmer Sylvia Kuria tells here. Thank you very much, Sylvia!
    I wish you much success and joy with your organic entreprise.
    Your story coincides with my lecture entitled "Organic farming has the best credentials for an adequate sustainable food supply":

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