Nutrient-Deficient (Yellowing Leaves) Pepper Fix – This Week In the Garden

Now we’re going to take a look at our pepper
plant. We think there may be some nutrient deficiency going on with this. If you look
at the older leaves, you can see some yellowing. Again, for me, that’s always an indicator
of a nutrient deficiency, and you see this first on your older leaves, especially for
your pepper plants and for your tomato plants as well. What needs to be done is possibly
going back in with a nitrogen fertilizer, so we can green this plant up. We’ll put that
down, possibly do a side dress with that, water it in, and what should happen in a few
weeks is you will see this plant start to green up, and then from there, it should be

9 thoughts on “Nutrient-Deficient (Yellowing Leaves) Pepper Fix – This Week In the Garden

  1. hi. thanks… my pepper is mature size and I worried the internet said its a virus and I should destroy it… the leaf looks like your leaf. but this has also happened lately on smaller new leaves not just older leaves. I will keep the plant and adjust my fertilizer…

  2. Older leaves will give up their potassium to the younger leaves. Potassium builds larger more dense fruit. But to be sure if the garden has value to you then get the soil tested in the fall after the plants are finished and before winter and ask that the lab give you the results in per/1000 sq. ft. This way you can do the calculation for you own size garden and put on the right micronutrients according to the soil lab test.

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