Ode To A Compost Bin

My soul doth sing and my heart doth leap
When I catch sight of compost heap. Let me explain what there is to behold
In this putrefying, festering mound of mould. Cut grass and leaves, bygone meals,
Old tea bags, stale bread, potato peel, Bananas turned black and egg shells galore,
All coated in powdery-blue fungal spore. All those things you don’t want, you just
throw them here And nutritious soil will appear in a year
Thanks to beetles and ants, worms and lice. It is a creepy crawly paradise. They tirelessly process the peel and the rind
With nothing but their own self-interest in mind.
Nothing is wasted, nor centrally planned. It’s like Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand. This is an example it’s plain to see
Of a functioning, free-market economy.

26 thoughts on “Ode To A Compost Bin

  1. I'm not sure how much comparing the concept of the free market to a compost heap supports us but I will say it was tranquilising.

  2. Compost heaps are a good refuge for reptiles. I discovered a paedophile senior member of the judiciary hiding in mine. He told me he's hiding from Tommy Robinson. I dug a bit deeper and found several others.

  3. I woke up this morning and I heard "Compost", so I went to my compost bin, and I have new soil. Then you post your song.

  4. Have Brexiters finally realised that they were lied to or are they still clinging to their dreams of unicorns and leprechauns? Today I found out that James Dyson moved his HQ to Singapore because he is so patriotic and Nigel Farage got banned from his local pub after crashing his car into the car of the owner which had his 1 year-old son in it. He got banned because he didn't stop to see if they were OK but instead drove off. Yeah, such a man of the people!
    The sooner the dopes who voted for Brexit realise that it is a scam which will leave us worse off the better.

  5. I’ve recently discovered your videos when researching land value taxes, and I loved you fuck offs video. At first I thought this was a song, but no it’s a poem. I used to hate poetry but lately it’s grown on me, I loved this as well! It’s a great message and you managed to make gross words like “powdery blue fungal spore” sound beautiful in context. I’ll also have to check out mr wheatley, his lute music sounds very beautiful and I love medievalism and roots revival( if that’s the word for it, I think it is.) speaking of land value taxes, have you heard of the village of Arden in Delaware? It’s a single tax community that was founded in 1900s and is going strong to this day! I highly recommend you look into it sir, and possibly make a video if you please. Keep up the amazing work and have a great day.

  6. I know people will find it weird to compare free markets to a compost bin, but since so many people already have a negative view of it making the compost bin sound good, and showing its importance, actually works in our favor. Very clever.

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