Organic Chicken Compost Hydroponic System Inside of An RV

Hi I’m Mo from Green Places and we have here our chickens and our composting system. We are going to show you and illustrate how in works and how we configured all of this into this RV. So basically what we have to start with is the bottom layer of the compost system that we made we made it especially to extract the nutrients that are in the soil and what we do is we do is we pretty much water the top layer, which I’m gonna show you a little bit, then all the water seeps down to the bottom which is why you see here and then we drain it into this bottle and basically feed our hydroponic system at the top where the window of the RV is located so we’re goning to do right now is show you exactly how this works it’s pretty easy, very simple to put together we got We got three bins then what we did is we put each bin uh, the first one we put some slack for the water to drip down to and some rocks to pretty much keep it up This bin here has the actual worms. You can’t see him them right now, but there is a small worm colony over here that we just discovered, very tiny baby worms, and then the red worms are in the ground I can show you…. maybe They will come out for us, there we go So we go the worms right here They are pretty much eating the compost and digesting it further Then we got the composting system itself on the top layer which then goes on top of this I can’t quite lift it right now but it goes right on top of this one and this is where we actually put all of our leftovers and our chickens eat that, which then in turn allows us to create a full ecosystem combining our scraps from the food itself that grows the chickens that eat it Then the chickens, you know, eventually do their thing leave compost bed more nutrient dense more well Now we have the composting system inside the RV As you can see, I put it right in the cabinet here To be right under the three slot coop over here that we got for our chickens and duck And these guys are loving it in there They mostly hang out inside and what they do is just pick up all the scraps and uh they kind of step on the ground there to make it nice and even and, um, as you can see, Pepper, is already kinda getting interested in what is in there and uh, that’s their coop area then we have the compost layers here so just like I said before we have the soil layer at the very top with all the composting foods that we throw in there, as you can see, there is some scraps of some fruit and then right under that there is the actual worm layer with all the worm soil and then at the very bottom we go the actual disposable layer where all the water is going to be collected and then we drain it out of this hose and we feed it via bottles to the top of the system which doesn’t really require too much but the hydroponic system you want to make sure put at least, you know, a good cup in there when you first start it up to provide some natural organic nutrients and that’s pretty much it.. uh To travel with the RV, we don’t keep the chickens inside. We actually take them in a box and we travel with them. and uh… The hydroponics system is located right in there and we are going to show you exactly how that works as well. Alright, so this is the hydroponic system as you can see, we built it right against the window so it collects natural sunlight at all times and it does have a little drainage system and on the side here. So one of the pipes, what we did is, run one of the pipes to go inside uhm and provide the water with a little pump that is located with the reservoir under the sink here and then the other pipe just drains it out… just pretty much draws all the water drains it back out and We have this little valve that we can turn it on and off with. As you can see these have quite a bit of roots. We just put this nice basil bunch uh.. maybe about a week ago and it already grew some roots and I’m going to show you some of our more veteran plants here the ones with a bigger root system this one got the chance to grow quite a bit and that’s baby, we just seeded it. It grew quite a bit. and then we have this one is, uh, I think our oldest plant here as you can see the root system is just flourishing and we put some nutrients the nutrients are basically all I do is drop them directly inside and try not overflow it considering I only have about three gallons of water in there. uh… and that’s about it that’s pretty much the gist of it we are going to try and put as many of these around the RV as possible and then feed all of them with our nutrient water We don’t need anything external. We got the EcoloBlue water generator right here uh.. this generates water out of thin air. uh.. pretty much, when we have a lot of humidity in the air at least about 30% it will give us at least a good 2 – 3 gallons overnight so it is a really good way to you know, facilitate a hydroponics system in the same time have a full blown ecosystem where the chickens just eat the leftovers uh… then they go ahead and do there thing Everything seeps to the bottom of it and then we feed it directly into the hydroponics system

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  1. Hey, I love the idea that you use chicken poo. I have also chickens and a garden. I would love to try some hydroponics because our 4 dogs love to eat the chicken poo, which I normaly put in the soil. How often do you give the fertilizer to your plants? I will try it, with my home made liquid chicken poo fertilizer. Thanks for the video! Regards from Tenerife

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