Organic Chicken Coop Tour of Wangsness Family Farm

Hi I’m Ryan Wangsness, so we’re here at Wangsness family farms. We raise organic laying hens for Organic Valley. We have
16,000 organic layers and as you can see the chickens are allowed to move
anywhere they want throughout the barn as opposed to a cage laying facility where
they would be confined to a cage and we provided them with 1.75 square
feet of space inside per chicken so we’re out of about three times more
space per chicken as what will be allowed in a regular cage facility. We
also allow the chickens to go outside and have five square feet outside as to
where a regular caged barn won’t allow the chickens to be outside at all. Here are the feeders where we are we
feed the chickens 100% organic feed we raise all of the organic corn ourselves
here on the farm and the difference between the organic and the conventional
is the organic doesn’t use pesticides or synthetic fertilizers so you don’t have
to worry about pesticide residues in your in your food when you’re eating
eggs that are organic. We have water lines that allow them to have access to water
24 hours a day in the center of the barn there is where the chickens lay their
eggs. They lay their eggs inside behind those orange flaps because it’s the
darkest place in the barn and that’s where they want to lay and there’s a
belt in the center so the eggs roll down onto the belt that runs the length of
the barn and the belt will pull the eggs to the front of the barn we were able to
pack them and send them to Organic Valley and to consumers throughout the
nation. here at the Wangsness family farm we make every effort allow the birds to exhibit their natural behavior. They have this
nice dry area so that they can scratch and and mimic their behavior that they
would in nature. These roosts allow the chickens to get up onto a different
level and allow them to wrap their talons around the around something kind
of like they’d like to do in nature. We also give the chickens access to
perches so that they can get away from other chickens and and jump up and play
out like they would on outside on shrubbery or trees in nature. Also we
allow our chickens light from the outside all year round. We have windows on the sides of all of our of our barn all the way around
and we allow access to the outside so they can go outside and be out in the
green pasture. Here we are on the outside of the barn. Chickens like to come out
here and they liked to scratch and dust bathe out on the gravel and out on the
dirt past the gravel out here on the pasture and they like to be able to to
go out into the grass and be able to forage for for different insects and and
grass and different different types of plants so they can get that into their
diet as well.

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