Organic Compost Gardening : Adding Grass & Weeds to Organic Compost

Okay now we’ve put a woody layer down, we’ve
put the rough woody material, garden debris on top of that. Now we’re going to take some
of this, these grasses, and create another layer. And we’re going to spread that out
on there. We want to get about two to three inches, it looks like a lot more but once
it’s packed down it will pack down to about two to three inches. A little fluffy right
now, but we’re going to pack it down. And we’re going to put a few of these leaves on
as another layer, we want to layer this in. And we’ll be doing this layer after layer
and then we’ll repeat the layers over again. Creates a nice compost pile, I’m using my
hands I could be using the pitchfork, shake it over there get it nice and blended down.

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