Organic Compost Gardening : Organic Compost Gardening Tools

Okay, today we’re going to make an awesome
compost pile. And the tools that we’re going to use today is, is some pitchforks. We’ve
got the short pitchfork with the hard tongs which is for using in the garden, and we’ve
got this pitchfork which is used for scooping up loose debris. It has lots of tongs. Keep
it from falling through. Very durable. Again, all my tools are, I buy are guaranteed for
life. I don’t want to fool around with tools that are going to be breaking on me. Another
tool that will come in handy is our trusty loppers. And that’s so, we’ll be using to
cut up some of this hard wood right here. Another tool we use is the rake. We raked
up a lot of loose debris around here to use in our compost pile. So the rake is very good.
And we also will be using, we have the wheelbarrow, which we had to use quite a bit. And we’ll
be using a shovel also, a flat shovel today.

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