Organic Farm 360

HOWARD RICE: My name is Howard Rice, I’m an instructional support assistant for the Horticulture
Department at SUNY Morrisville. I’m responsible for maintaining the college’s certified organic farm. At the farm we have typically
three summer interns that are members of the
Horticulture Department who work with me over the summer to harvest, prune, take
care of the plants, plant everything pretty
much from seed to harvest. The students are there
for the whole experience. One year we put up the high tunnel that you see in the video, that greenhouse there was
a student project in 2015. Most of our produce that we harvest, roughly 90% goes to the
dining halls on campus, which includes Copper
Turret, Seneca Dining Hall, Mustang Alley. We also do some collaborations
with Nelson Farms in Nelson. (bird chirping) It’s a fun time here at the farm. Today you can see we’re harvesting zinnias and herbs at the moment. We’ve had zucchini squash, yellow squash that we’ve been harvesting, onions, red and green cabbage, broccoli and there’s more to come. We’re gonna have tomatoes
and peppers soon. So I’m very excited for that. (bird chirping) (fly buzzing)

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