Organic Farming as Therapy -English Subtitles – TvAgro por Juan Gonzalo Angel

Organic gardens as therapy (man) In this institution, which is a boarding school for boys, girls and adolescents with intellectual or cognitive disability, there exists an enormous therapeutic benefit when they are occupied and dedicating themselves to working the vegetable garden. (music) They, through the physical exercise of doing this work, learn how to develop their abilities, gross motor skills and fine motor skills, allowing them also to acquire knowledge, be in contact with the earth, to know how to sow and produce and they realize that what they’re doing today takes time to care for, and they also see the plants and vegetables growing, turning that into an activity that becomes a lifelong project. (music) (boy) Well, as the leader of the clinic’s vegetable garden, I fumigate as well as make and apply the fertilizers. (music) Let’s say that the strength of the project lies in the territories and how we approach them, such as how the nutritionist comes in and gives nutritional instruction, to how to eat well, to how to manipulate food, what the proper eating habits of today are, to how they can start modifying those cultural paradigms like, “I don’t eat that because I’ve never tried it”, or “I don’t know how to eat that”, or because they don’t know where lettuce comes from.
These are the kinds of situations that come up in communities, which is why we have the nutritional component. -Ready. Darwin, come and grab that carrot for me, bring it to me so I can take a picture of it to send to the field technicians. -Excellent. How long since that carrot was planted? -She was planted on the 25th of February. (man) Into the social component enters the associativity we generate, just as we bond to the territory, and empower them as people, as individuals that can be seen as a familiar being, in other words, they are transformed into a familiar being. (man) And from there, we generate a social being, and when we’re already on the topic of social beings in the territory we can develop actions where the associative theme is their strength, so that they may maintain a productive system as their psycho-social system of environment. Eastern Clinic We know that some people in their condition sometimes show high levels of aggression or inadequately showcase their emotions, so the fact that they can work in a team, work in big groups shows them the importance of sharing, of knowing that when they work in a group they can do things well and in a good way. (woman) We have, with all these products that are rich in vitamins, been able to feed the 80 children that are here right now. On top of that, as you can see, we produce high quantities, allowing us to sell these products in this area, so that mothers can have quality products as well as eat nutritious food. What do the mothers do? They also sell the products, therefore also providing for themselves. The thing I like most about working organically is that you’re taking care of your health, of your family and of other people as well. -Look kids, look so that you can see just how we do it. -We place one of these sticks down here, yes, so we can take out the little onion and some dirt along with it. The idea is to not lose any soil, ready? -Very good. -Look, there’s more over there, I planted an onion.
-Cilantro. -Ok, let’s go with the cilantro.
-Yes! -Yes?
-I like to work here. -Why?
-Welcome here. -Okay, thank you very much. -What is it that you like the most?
-I like to plant, weed, and feed the roosters. -The chickens.
-Aha, the chickens, and everything in the vegetable garden. (music) (man) At this moment we’re delivering products with zero chemicals, 100% organic, and the idea is to be the suppliers of Comuna 8 and perhaps of Medellin. (narrator) A community that one day understood that changing the way of doing things brought benefits, that working in harmony with the environment improved the quality of their lives, that when things are done in a team creates unity and commitment. A community whose premise is to keep growing, evolving. A community focused and working in order to keep transforming the way we farm. (music)

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