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hi guys welcome back to the farm in
Thailand with toon and Leigh and something a little bit different for you today we
are under attack so take a look at this now I used to think it was termites
doing this sort of damage but a lot of the time it is this time though it’s not normally the termites would just go for
go for the dead wood most of the time but this is a little bit different as you
can see it’s it’s really noshing on the new stuff as well so that is being
consumed now I know we we really really try to push organic at the moment and
month by month we’re increasing the organic aspect of of our farm here but
I’ve given some of our palm nut trees organic spray and it’s it’s not working
quick enough there has been a slight improvement but we have had to get the big
guns out and give it a proper spraying it’s also affected obviously these
coconut trees and luk marc palm the skinny palm trees it’s having a go
at those as well and we found a couple of infected bamboo plants as well but it
looks like it’s a slightly different bug so that’s had a spray too we had to
spray about four plants so fingers crossed we’ll get on top of it the
problem being though I know I’m short but even tall people would struggle
to get up there to spray that and we haven’t got a machine to super spray
everything so I’m not sure and the coconuts the coconuts look brilliant but
I don’t know whether we just let it ride or not
I know a lot of you that watch the channel and living out in rural Thailand
so you will obviously have some coconut trees dotted around if you could give us
some advice on it that would be great so I suppose we could cut off the infected
branches early as because normally with coconut trees you’re not supposed to
cut any branches off at all and if they’re in the way this is this is what
you’re supposed to do if you really must cut them just trim them off and then
just let them die back naturally which goes against what I’ve always read and
been told that you know it’s the same as deadheading in my opinion if something’s
dying on your plant take it take it off but it seems to be the opposite way
around for your coconut tree branches but on this occasion maybe it may be
worth doing that or they’re just going to jump to the the really good branches
after that because if you look up the new branches aren’t touched so they seem
to go for the ones that are just starting to turn I don’t know what the
bug is we can’t find anything in there whether they’re doing it at night or not
I don’t know but I wouldn’t have thought these are termites
now this over here isn’t a fruit tree it’s just for decorative purposes in the
future but that’s being well and truly nobbled that’s caterpillars so we have
been given this organic spray it has helped but it’s still a little bit
behind the drug curve that is I am contemplating stripping back these
these branches a little bit I don’t know I’ll guess in what would be best for it
but that only gets organic spray if you’re not seeing the organic spray
video here we used a mild soap you can use a mild detergent mixed with just
normal vegetable cooking oil in it it suffocates most of the bugs it seems to
work on most plants but it’s a seem to be working on the old caterpillars a feed control is going brilliantly on
here but I am spraying about every three days which sounds a lot I know but it is
organic guys we are going to be eating these so there’s been two days since a
spray and we just look there those little shit bags black aphids so of
course the ants like them because they they go in them steal all the little
juice off there off there are souls so they suck all the juice it pops out the
raw soul and then the ants eat it yeah but the spraying is working look at this
that did I don’t know why they call them footlong
beans because these are going to end up about 16 feet if they carry on then
honestly they are growing about 2 inches a day it’s bonkers now what I’m going to
do next time is not use this fishing line although it is strong fishing line
of course the surface area is quite small and I’m just concerned the weight
of these because these are going to be monstrous I think it could damage the
plant so I’m going to do it with them smaller bits of bamboo so we’ve got the
weak worm effect at the end the bigger bits of bamboo and then I’m going to put
some smaller bits across because we’ve got another couple of lines of these or
about a foot tall so they just need to be trained up now but yeah very very
successful today but we’ve just got to keep on top of these these bugs so you
can see they come in there it’s the red ants that like them we all bloody hate
those don’t we guys not bad for our first stab happy widows
a feds were used to them in the UK so they’re nothing new part and parcel book
free down here and put some chilies chilies in there they’re coming up
billions of weeds so tunes lettuce doing very very well we did you lose probably
about 30 percent of the little seedlings when they first died germinating the
birds got in there and just scratched and picked them all out so we ended up
putting some black netting over there for the first couple of weeks now
they’re big enough to survive so these are the ones that tunes going to
transplant into the banana trees here’s a wild growing chili I sprayed this a
couple of days ago this was black with aphids there’s a few ants about so zooms
a few aphids you get hunts with chilies anyway that’s a lot more healthy these
are the the newest skinny beans or the footlong beans it does look like they
need a bit of a feed than not they’re not a really strong deep green almost I
like them with almost a blue hue on them but you can see even these are getting a
bit of a battery lots of spraying a lot more spraying
than I anticipated I don’t mind they’re in it it’s just
surprising how many bloody things eat them and it’s it’s probably Barry’s
fault for not keeping his garden in check so a lot of bugs would be hiding
in there when everything’s clean around it seems to help quite a lot so the
Welsh dragon needs to sort himself out didn’t you mate
hey you weren’t so cocky last week where are you when what Stewart got in there
he give you a bit of a paste in didn’t he may fly some out of a saw video that
was a proper cockfight that was that’s too much – get out before got too bad
but with him being white feathers it looked like it had his bloody thrunk guy
bands 15 nails but silkies not so much boy town there’s probably a fair few
bugs in there it’s taken them quite a while to to get on top of things
basically because we keep on eating them or selling them for me but there is
still steady progress there this handsome boy here he’s just started
cockadoodle in but he sounds like a bit of a broken squeaky toy at the moment
he’ll get there he’s only just started throwing in the mornings for about the
last two or three days a lot of people don’t like the the noise
of the cock rules but I love it tells you you’re in the country siting we have full germination on our
coriander bed there very well so the straw wasn’t too thick was it these are our peepees posh papaya this
is the only one that were germinated have a packet seed of ten that we bought
and it’s doing very well the reason we have moved it is because we didn’t want
to gamble with this one you do lose the odd one when you do transplant them so
it fits where it touches that is not going anywhere so we’ll keep this for
seed now I’m going to try and find you a
fluorescent orange caterpillar on here let’s have a butcher’s I don’t know what
these are tuned calls from Thai olives they’re all right that’s probably about
eight in size they’re better size of it Victoria plum no caterpillars that’s
good then so this has been sprayed so many times this sort of thing you’re up
against guys if you if you want to use organic spray it’s not quite as
effective as all the chemicals but you know I’d have no problem eating that lot
but I’ve said it in the past it just seems now commonplace that
you’re going to when you’re buying stuff from the local markets and that I’m not
imagining it you can taste the chemical on a lot of stuff that you buy here’s a
bit of thirstiness that forms in here you see as a few birds nests in here
they should be doing their job and eating all that rubbish this is the sort
of thing you’ve got to keep on top of guys anything that’s there dying
infected rotting just get it out because there’ll be all sorts of little bugs in
there that need to need to be eaten by chickens we have seen a huge improvement
on them on growth on on most of the trees and plants around here once we’ve
got the poultry in here there’s very very few grasshopper type
things there has been a big reduction in caterpillars as well but once the plants
get quite big of course the the caterpillars and a little bit too high
for the for the birth so have to keep on top of that yourself sprayed this one four days ago
it was getting a bit of a batter in and now we’ve got all the new growth coming
on this is a lime treat you can see again it’s been having a bit of a batter
in there so it is a challenge trying to keep off these chemicals but – as it is
worth it the mangos look nice and clear here’s a block map with one of the
skinny palms you can see it’s it’s not great so this won’t get the chemical
spray like the the palm now although this is the same attack that it’s
suffering because the birds are here the ones out in the field they’ve had their
they’ve had the full monty so to speak so the limes are still producing even
when yeah even when your Bush looks piss-poor
so this one’s still a bit just looking a bit pants so it’s left to be sprayed
again it’s not it’s nothing to do with them not getting enough feed because
when we clean out the animal houses it all goes in the tires below so it’s not
that it’s not the water because they get plenty of water as well I mean this
one’s come back nicely the guavas looking quite good
you don’t have to keep on top of that what are you doing in there see how
we’re getting guy panics all over the place now young a young guy over there
Alex don’t look as pretty as a lot of others but bloody how they’re tasty
really good sometimes I’m not being a fan of it in the past I think it’s a bit
sort of fibrous not very juicy and not very sweet but our some of them we’ve
got about three different varieties some of them are really sweet and new flowers
come in as well wasn’t that bothered about growing these but now we’ve had it
and now we’ve tried them that that will grow to about four times that size but it’s another thing we need to do we
need to get all this state we still haven’t finished our that the irrigation
setup you can see some pipe work all around it’s just that once the the bugs
moved in on the palms with reduced attic and took our time it really this is one
of three cashew nut trees that we’ve popped in this is probably doing the
least well something definitely likes to nibble that but I’m not surprised
because you can eat the leaves yourself the other one with well we’ve got
another two one of them is probably three times the size of that and it’s
probably take it probably gets less care than this one does
you see it’s nice and clean round there and a bottom from the birds and that
will be getting per third food as well whereas the other ones just sort of like
left to fend for itself so it’s a bit Buber here as well not sure how many
years it takes to get your nuts off them I do like my cashews lots to do not
getting despondent very rarely do still really really enjoying it I recommend it
to anyone that wants to get out the rat race so to speak get their hands dirty a
bit get some animals grow a few things it’s I think it’s good for your soul Oh Fred these two thick as thieves those two
cockles Fred and Ginger and that ginger was a girl but they’re just getting a
bit feisty now they are starting to join swingers party but they are having a go
at each other now rod is still number one in your my battered poor old Barry
didn’t yeah okay I don’t like that so we’re gonna have to see well start
segregating them off this lad his life flippin rocky bow bore well no doubt a I
do it’s more like Ivan Drago in the right that’s your lot thanks for
watching guys take care out there so jungle remember and set out for now

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