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[Suresh Shenpadu Kathar]
“Nowadays, it’s scarce to observe birds and hear their chirping.” True or false? Making clothes contributes to the devastating effects of climate change. True. [Suresh Shenpadu Kathar]
“The birds have diminished in number because of ecological imbalance. True or false? Volcom is putting itself in check, and combating climate change with CottonConnect by committing to truly traceable organic cotton. True!!! [Suresh Shenpadu Kathar]
“We’ve changed from chemical farming to organic farming.” Our Farm To Yarn organic cotton farmers use… water conservation, compost, manure, and natural pest control. [Suresh Shenpadu Kathar]
“All the trees that are planted around are helping to maintain balance in nature.” “They attract different kinds of birds, and the birds eat the pests on my crops.” These methods help farmers increase yields, double profits, and dramatically decrease emissions and other environmental impacts. [Suresh Shenpadu Kathar]
“5 years ago, I couldn’t get income more than Rs. 9,000 to 11,000 per acre.” “But today, I get Rs. 25,000 to 27,000.” Improving the quality of life for the planet and its people. [Suresh Shenpadu Kathar]
“The chirping of birds should return in nature.” [Suresh Shenpadu Kathar]
“I am… Suresh Shenpadu Kathar.” “As an objective, I will strive to strike the balance.”

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