Organic Farming in Uganda with a Peace Corps Environment Volunteer

I am in the Bugeeri district in Uganda and this is our organic farming training program and we’ve just planted, as you can see, I think 25 pineapples, using manure to show how you can use everything you have in your house to grow better pineapples without having to spend money on fertilizer and such. And we did the same with maize, cabbage and tomatoes. So that’s just the practical section where people get out and get dirty, as you can see. The art of digging project that my counterpart and I are implementing started here in the village with myself digging in the garden like the rest of the people with whom I live. For an entire season, I went out in the garden and I dug maize. I planted ground nuts, and I planted beans. And just through that work everyday, 6 in the morning to 10 o’clock in the morning, you know, 6 days a week, I really learned what it’s like to be a subsistence farmer. I come from Indiana and I know what farming looks like, but it’s completely different here�

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