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Hi Hello ,,Good Morning,. This video making purpose There are ten many
problems for our farmers today .The boggest problem is the marketing problem . farmers
do not get a good price for their crop , we have come up with a small idea in front of
you. please watch this video till the end, tell
us what you think and feel about our new idea by sending comments and
farming practices are very important today . so far we have polluted the soil water and
air with the use of chemical fertilizers.this is reducing the number of birds on the land.we
use chemical fertilizers for high yield ,all the birds on earth. we push the animals to
the brink of extinction..then we start using natural fertilizer for the survival of nature
by using chemical fertilizers. in organic farming first yield fall first,.soil and water
have been contaminated by chemical fertilizer.the yield also increases with increasing soil
and water fertility,.in organic farming , organic spray and fertilizers are available.there
are poor farmers who cannot afford it,.we have our ear to the point.cattle can be grown
at home using cow manure and plant waste as well as using cow manures.friends,,.requesting
to our farmers ,.its hard anyway .do not commit suicide ,.if you commit suicide, the first
thing you do is worry about your family.we are the ones
who gain or lose our duty and give it to another.its matter of pride. we will also join hands with you and tell
you how bring good price.our death should not be a ticking death,it doesn’t matter if the death
of achievement is not ours,it is fine .Now am going to tell you
how to sell your crops in good price without mediator, directly you can sell your
products to customers,.listen carefully and explain to others,. Make a group of farmers who are interested in growing organic farming in your hometown first After that by discussing all group members create A warehouse as per your budget and make insurance of warehouse then tell to all those members to grow one vegetables for EXAMPLE Regular using vegetables , onion, tomato, chilly.etc some members have to grow onion, some members tomato,some members chilly like that many vegetables, grow in organically all these vegetables,if someone don t know how to grow in organically teach them who dont know about organic grow After that inform all farmers after harvesting vegetables bring to warehouse After that Create brand name for all vegetables Foe Exp- Hubli organic products, Mysore organic products You can give your village name also or your living place. publish your name Brand means its just name whose belongs this product and where from After that sell all vegetables in your own village Reason for selling vegetables in your village, For Exp ; mediators taking from the capsicum 10 to 12 RS , But the same capsicum price in the market 25 RS/ In this 25 RS including Transportation, tax,and commission. so , If we sell our products directly to consumers. many benefits,,.. We can save Transportation charges ,mainly your village peoples and your children’s can eat healthy food. We before selling to mediator 10 to 12 RS , now we can sell 15 to 20 RS .we also happy and buyer also happy. In case after selling our vegetables if excesses , sell your near villages. Which is long life vegetables we can keep in warehouse,we can sell by requirements This can alleviate the economic problems in rural areas If you cont sell, add your hometowns unemployed and give them a responsibility so you can solve your towns unemployment problems yourself. This way we can get Good price by selling directly ,.friends We have to try and make change ,.not thinking of ourselves as the government will do everything,. Doing this can make our lives independent and self-respecting. If you dont like this video or our idea please share this video,. maybe someone will like our ideas. If our service to this country, our governments,our society our service is Zero We have no right to shout against another person ,this society,this country. Dont think about what did you get from our society , government or country,. Think of what we have done to this government,to this society,to this country.

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