“Organic Farming Story : How Pests controlled without Pesticides ” ♥ Alchemy Talks | India

shall give you Banana tomorrow The Organic Banana Normal Banana you might tasted Find the difference between two Through this taste you can know Taste will be directly known Then if you taste another store You can know the difference This is Chemical Ladies will find themselves As they cook and smell Thats fine. They say as Organic Food This Fertilizer Pesticides If not added then insect can ruin the plants So How you will control insects Organic Farming is about Understanding Nature Secrets Killing Insects is not farming Like a Butterfly Like a Bird Eating a Fruit Spreading the Seed is all Agriculture Basic for Organic is Panchakavya This is produced with 5 items Cow Dung Cow Urine Cow Milk Cow Curd Cow Ghee Along with this also Tender Coconut Banana For Fermentation add Grapes All this combination This contains Manure required 17 types of Vital Compounds Tested in Agriculture Univ Government has certified In Chemistry they call these as Leaf Manure,Compost,SawDust Zinc,Boran,Potassium All these 17 constituents Present in Panchakavya All are complete Natural We spray this is Plants Also spread in Earth Through Roots,Plants gain this Through Leaves,Plants gain In Nature we have compost Cow Dung,Goat Dung is compost Leaf Compost also another form Neam, Pongam type of leaves Also we do mixed cultivation Millets(Kambu,Corn,)Seaseme, Horse gram,Pulses(Urud Dal) Thaka Poondu, Sanapa, These seeds we sow in field It grows for one month After that We just compost in ground These Each Plants have Special Ingredients Incase of any deficiency These Plants add the vitamins So Earth will get manure slowly While doing in Natural Way 90% Insects wont attack When adding Chemicals Plants Leaves take dark green While naturally grown Plants grow Light greeny For this type of Green Insect wont attack Even after all this We wont kill insects Even in insects there are Good Insects for plants Bad Insects that attack When not killing insects Good Insects eat the bad ones That is one prevention way We have this Herbal Leaves Neam,AloeVera,Erukan,Omathan Nochilli which goats dont eat These 5 types of herbs We cut into small pieces Drop them into a pot Add Cow urine into it These herbs get dissolved The essence gets filtered Then filter in seperate vessel Dilute with Water and spray It spreads on the leaves Insects wont sit on leaves This is not insecticide This is Insect Repellant Herbal Insect Repellant All leaves are Herbal The preparation is Repellant Spraying this mixture Insect wont attack plants This way we prevent insects Killing insects is not farming Seeing Bird,he made Airplane Similar,Seeing Insect He started Agriculture is truth Alchemy Talks

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  1. ennoda asai vivasayam ipa abudhabhi la india vanthu manasuku pudichu vivasayam pakanum bro. unga video lam pathaen. puthu nambikai varuthu bro..

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