“Organic Farming Story : Preservation Techniques”_♥ Alchemy Talks,India

Hi Season Food Given by our Land On Need Basis From Dried Chips Making to Chill Sun Drying We did in Home Why to modify? From Small Age, Lot of Passion towards Nature Land spoils with chemical Hence doing organic farming Each Food is based on seasons Brinjal comes in certain season Ragi comes in certain season So for next season,we need back They sun dried and preserved Now with advent of Hybrid Anytime you can sow seeds Jyestha Month demand of Rice Due to water scarcity Now,even with less water Rice grows & no demand on seeds Hence no necessity for stock Rice Harvest, he just delivers For next sow,buys in shop again Thus for all food items Seeds are bought in Shops Foreigner who saw this weekness People has to buy seeds from us Seeds must grow naturally When sown in mud & for regrowth He genetically modifies seeds With this again you cannot get seeds from Plants of GMO Plants never grow again So for next sowing,you again have to buy from company He is trying to do for each and every crop Farmers have protested against this BT crops Even Brinjal had BT Variety Called BT Brinjal Krithika Month vegetables get demand totally & for that time People preserved dried brinjal Like Brinjal Chips sun dried Similarly for Seeds When kept in Fridge it loses its natural quality Every food has microorganism It lives in certain temparature When temparature changes Like fish in sea lives but dies once in land Similarly,For every organism When kept in fridge Microorganism dies When we see tamarind It gives tamarind once a year But in shops, they sell New tamarind again and again How once can provide fresh? It is basic to understanding Even without education Only once a year tamarind grows After one month it becomes dark But always they sell fresh ? It is due to Fridge and A/C Hall Big Halls even to size of
village They keep the stock there By keeping there, Natural qualities gets lost Nobody tests it nor cares How tamarind would change Thus Fridge & A/C Foods Loses Natural Qualities It causes problems in health We wont allow fridge So Give a Like If you Liked the Video Then,Sun is the Soul Caring Not causes Freezer Room Preservation is our Job Alchemy Talks

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