“Organic Farming Vegetables Cultivation,Kick Start Guide”_♥ Alchemy Talks, India

Hi Organic Food Organic Farming People are awareness on these But The next Step How I can do Organic Farming Else How to grow vegetables in Home If these are your questions If video would be useful to you Madhivan, organic farmer Guides on creating organic bed for vegetables cultivation Mild plough to loose soil Keep aside some mud & loose soil You can also use 4 x 2 Feet area in your garden and replicate same procedure You can create a terrace box and follow further steps Pour OrganicManure(Jeevamritham) Local Sand Local CowDung Local CowUrine Bengal Gram Flour Jaggery All these are mixed together Its called Jeevamritham A medicinal Smell Yes Prepare in 2 days Use within 5 days 2 Days for growing microbes Due to fermentation Dont use jeevamirtham directly Dilute equally with water Only use after diluting Pour it in the holes It would be good As it penentrates inside How much ever we pour Down Earthworms would multiply Add a layer of dry leaves Reason for 4 x 2 feet is To work as far as hand stretches Similar with other side Same with working /watering Dont stamp on the bed ever Thats why 4 Feet Again Pour Jeevamritham Add a layer of Soil Spread the Soil over bed Another layer needed Hence keep aside little soil Spread half the soil Grab and Throw We will also add another layer Then another layer dry leaves For home based model you can use vegetable waste compost instead of dry leaves The reason for Dung is If no Jeevamritham, use dung Use any one of these If I do some mistakes in steps If you do,you may repeat And thus it may continue again Hence watch direcly I am not launching rocket Soil Richness is important We cannot waste time Launching Rocket is Easy Then dry leaves,manure,Soil Organic Bed is Ready How long we need to wait? In this add coverant Wait 30 to 40 days In Side if you find white balls It means earthworms have grown Then cultivate your vegetables Coconut Coirs or Coconut Outer It would not decompose soon Prevent Sunlight falling in bed Easy!! Put seeds and leave aside Also other weeds wont grow Then use drip irrigation Water droplets flow Only Wetness should remain Water must not stagnate Plants breathe like Man Breathe through roots If water stagnates cant it breathe? It cannot!! But people stagnate water It does not give yield Wetness must be prevailant If dried,pass on the water If water reaches farm end Close the water pump Water must flow to be wet With the layer of dried soil Then it would breathe Yield would be awesome Give Like if you Liked it what organic techniques you use Kindly share those as well Action is the best voice Do in Action Alchemy Talks

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