Organic Farming with out Harming the Nature | Tips For Organic Farming | ഓർഗാനിക് കൃഷിയും പ്രകൃതിയും

Thankachan who came from Muvattupuzha to Palakkad for the past 2 decades has been involved in organic farming.He believes that all plants that sprout in this earth are inter-dependent. “Here my farming method is allowing the growth and protection of all plants that sprout in this soil just like a forest where one helps in the growth of the other and gives the yield. In this place many trees like coconut, banana, mango, are all planted. But we are not using any special fertilizers for their growth. The leaves and the other parts of the plants fall and decompose to become fertilizer for the other. No additional fertilizers are used. We usually use a water harvesting technique in the fields to retain the water content. In paddy fields we construct small ridges to preserve water. The same technique is used here also. Here we don’t have to store water. But we have to save every single drop of rainwater that falls on this earth. That why I planted trees in a step by step manner. I have planted two rows of coconut palm.After every two row there is one small ridge or boundary. Likewise from the top portion to the bottom that is till near the river, I have constructed boundaries/small ridges. In the rainy season all these mud ridges are closed so as to enable the water to penetrate into the earth and retain its moisture content. The main cultivation here is coconut palms. Inside this coconut plantation, We have planted 1500 coco plants, around 1000 areca palms. Black pepper plants are grown in about 500 of them. In between four coconut palms, a jathi is planted. Likewise a dense cultivation is practiced here. I am not following any special farming method. I promote the growth of every plant that sprouts in this nature. Thus here trees are all grown in a dense manner. I am doing farming without harming the nature. The only special care is the watering that we do in the summer season.We don’t normally use any fertilizers. I have cattle in my home and we make use of cow dung to prepare bio-gas, bio-gas with the slurry
in areola and it is used as manure. We don’t use any artificial fertilizers here. We have a wide variety of fruits here. We have Malaysian fruits, Magosteen, Rambutan, pulasan, different types of rose water apples, star fruit, Malayan apple, fig, Langsat, avocado and so forth. Around thirty – thirty five varieties of fruits are available here. In my opinion our young generation is attracted towards agriculture nowadays.Many from IT fields have turned towards farming. What I want to convey is that life is not complete with the modern technologies. So the new generation should enter into this field of agriculture. Every single person should make an effort to cultivate at least for their own needs.

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  1. പ്രകൃതി കൃഷിയിൽ ജൂലൈ മാസം ചെയ്യേണ്ടുന്ന പണികൾ എന്തെല്ലാം? അതോ തുടർച്ചയുള്ള പണികളാണോ?

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