Organic Farming

My name is Pak Dipa I’m from Wongaya Betan I’m a farmer Besides farming I also work as a day labourer Before we used organic fertiliser this kapu-kapu plant was not found here But now that we are farming organically the kapu-kapu plant has started to grow We know that this is an organically-grown plant because it contains nitrogen and can store water for the rice plants We can reduce the amount of water used to irrigate the rice paddies because this plant stores water Kapu-kapu also serves another purpose We take it from the field and dry it Then we can use it in the compost or directly add it to the field as good organic compost Before we knew that the plant stored nitrogen we just threw it away in the streams or irrigation channels We don’t do that any more Now we add it to the soil to fertilise the rice plants At the moment I am spraying the rice plants with biourine to stop pests The organic farmers at Wongaya Betan, who are part of the Somya Pertiwi organisation decided as a group not to use chemical pesticides We changed to use biourine to prevent pests from attacking the rice This is the biourine we use We process it ourselves at Somya Pertiwi using cow urine In my view, using biourine means that the plants are definitely more fertile And, especially for the local rice, it’s much better Before we went organic, pests and diseases often damaged the crops Now with organic methods we have less problems with pests and it has improved the soil fertility I’ve been growing organic rice since 2005, when it was introduced into the area We were officially certified organic by Lesos, the organic certification organisation, in 2009 As organic farmers, we would love for visitors to come to see organic farming And also to try our organic products like our red rice tea made by our Kuntum Sari group Kuntum Sari is the women’s group within Somya Pertiwi Please come here to visit Wongaya Betan and enjoy our products, especially red rice tea which is as good as any tea you will ever try

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