Organic fertilizer: Organic calcium source for your plants | Organic foliar fertilizer

This video is about how eggshells can be used in our garden. If you are new to the channel support it by subscribing and clicking the notification bell. Eggs are usually discarded when we are finished cooking or are finished eating. But do you know that it is used as fertilizer in plants? I will show you four ways to use eggshells in our garden. But first, let’s find out what good eggshells can bring to our plants. Eggshell contains the nutrients our plants need, one of which is calcium. Calcium is known to strengthen human bone, whereas in plants it is one of the three secondary nutrients. Calcium is responsible for strengthening the plant’s cell walls to ensure they are strong. Lack of adequate calcium causes distorted growth of leaves or fruit in the plant. Often its leaves become damp and the new shoots fall out. The fruits are rotting under which is called blossom end rot. Aside from calcium the eggshell also contains other nutrients such as nitrogen which improves the strength of plant leaves. Pottassium for general plant growth, magnesium and sulfur which play a role in our crops. Eggshells also have an organic alternative that can provide calcium like an oyster shell with a longer lasting effect on the soil. Now you know that the importance of eggshells in our garden, lets learn how to use it First.
If you have a mound or prepared compost it is best to mix it with pile. The eggshell’s skin is long rotten but when you put it in the compost pile it can easily decay. It is best to break it first before adding it to the pile. The following methods are optional but it is advisable to first dry the eggshells in sunlight for six to eight hours. This makes it easier to crush the eggshells Crush them until they are fine, you can use a spatula with milk cans as you see it. You can use a grinder or blender to make it smoother and easier. Once refined, we can use it in the following ways. Refining is done to make it easier to provide calcium to the soil. It is also easy to store and store in small containers for later use. Second way
If you are just beginning to plant it is advisable to mix it together with crushed eggshell. In each 4 liter container put one to two tablespoons of crushed eggshells. Mix The soil is good and then sow. Third way
If your plants are already in the ground or set on pots, you can apply them to the soil and then slightly mix it Although providing calcium in this way is slow it is still very effective. If you have a lot of eggshells you can make mulch or putting more eggs in the soil to kill weeds and maintain soil moisture Fourth and final way
If you want instant calcium you can extract it with vinegar. The acid in the vinegar separates the calcium from the eggshell. In each liter of water, you can add 50-100 ml of vinegar which contains extracted calcium. Excessive vinegar can cause damage to the plant due to the acid it contains. You can see the liquid reaction close by. Let it sit for a few hours or until no reaction is seen with vinegar. Use a filter to separate the eggshells to avoid blocking your sprayer’s tube Leftover eggshells can even be used. Mix well and then spray. Although you can directly water it on the soil it is preferable to spray in the leaves to avoid concetrated acid in the soil. If you liked this video don’t forget to like and subscribe!

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