Organic Fertilizer – Tips For Choosing the Right Kind For Your Garden

Hi I’m Tricia a California organic gardener Those of us that are parents want our kids to eat healthy so that they grow strong and thrive and gardeners feel the same way about their plants Today I’m going to give you some tips and general guidelines on how to feed your plants so that they grow big and strong Fertilizers can be top-dressed, tilled in, watered in, even sprayed on the foliage many granular powdered or pelleted
fertilizers are simply top-dressed or side-dressed meaning you just put a little bit into
the soil around the plant simply apply the fertilizer in
recommended amounts around the plant I’m using this Down To Earth All-Purpose
fertilizer formulated for transplants Avoid getting any on the leaves and don’t touch the stem of the plant When you’re done you’re going to gently water the fertilizer into the soil top-dressing doesn’t disturb the roots of plants and it usually seeps in slowly over the season Look at my little babies! top-dressing is great for perennials like
blueberries and raspberries foliar feeding is the best way to get
nutrients immediately to your plants with foliar feeding you spray the
fertilizer over the entire surface of the plant the nutrients are quickly absorbed
and available to the plant foliar feeding should be done in the evening or the early morning so the sun doesn’t burn the wet plants some of the organic favorites like
compost tea, or liquid fish and liquid kelp are great fertilizers for foliar feeding for automatic fertilizing you can
install a fertilizer injector system right into your irrigation systems this device is an Add It fertilizer injector system and it’s great because you
can install it with any type of irrigation system sprinkler, drip, garden hose, whatever! simply attach it to your
irrigation system and fill it up with fertilizer your plants will be fertilized every time
you water for young vegetables you want to
give them a little nitrogen fertilizer like this sea bird guano or the liquid
fish which will encourage vegetative growth to encourage flowering and fruiting use a
high phosphorus fertilizer like the Earth Juice Bloom or the Ultra Bloom Plant Food Finish off the season with a high potassium fertilizer to enhance the flavor of your harvest So here’s to healthily nourished
kids and plants and Grow Organic for Life!

7 thoughts on “Organic Fertilizer – Tips For Choosing the Right Kind For Your Garden

  1. Thanks for the compliment about our garden! We're always trying something new there.

  2. Hey trish, what fertilizer would you recommends for seedlings in a square foot garden. I have many different plants, and i need a high nitrogen fertilizer for the growing, and then a blooming fertilizer so i grow vegetables not foliage. Any recommends that you sell on your site? My seedlings are already palnted, so if i did a granular fertilizer or a powerdered fertilizer, how would I put it into the soil? Can i just lay it on top?

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