Organic Fertilizer:Magical Neem Cake Cheap For All Gardening

Today I Will Tell You About a Unique Fertilizer Which You Can Use in Solid Form or in Liquid Form You Can Use Either Method And Specialty Of This Fertilizer is.. That it is Very CHEAP. Hello Friends My Name is Victor You Are Welcome At NEAR TO ORGANIC You Will Get Terrace Gardening Tips Gardening Ideas Small Space Gardening Tips Information For Growing Good Vegetables In Kitchen Garden Azadirachta Indica Cake Is a Fertilizer Having All Essential Elements Like Nitrogen Phosphorus,Potassium Trace Minerals Macro & Micro Minerals In Appropriate Amounts Take Finer Parts Of Azadirachta Indica And Add Water After Adding Water You Have To Keep it For Two Nights And Stir Twice A Day In Morning and Evening With a Stick or Rod For helping Nutrients To Get Soluble in Water properly When Using This Solution The Nutrients Will Easily Available To Plants The Solution Kept For Two Days Transfer The Solution in a Container or Bucket As You Are Watching in Close Up Now We Will Add About Ten Liter Water into it We Have Taken one liter of Solution Which Was Kept For Two Days And Now I Will Show How You Can Use Neem Cake Liquid Fertilizer on Plants First Method is.. Take a Spray Bottle Fill it with Diluted Liquid Fertilizer Spray Directly on leafs of plants This is a type of Spray Fertilizer It is also Known as Foliar Spray When Sprayed the Plants Take the Nutrients Through their Leafs and Plants absorb it and it is good for plants Second Method is.. Pour the Diluted Organic Liquid Fertilizer Directly into plant roots in the container The Roots Will Absorb Nutrients From The Container And You Will Get Good Fruits & Flowers In Third Method We Will Directly Apply Powdered Neem Cake into the Container or pot For Similar Interesting Gardening Tips Gardening Ideas Small Space Vegetable Gardening And Kitchen Gardening tips For Good Vegetables For Getting This Tips Subscribe Now As by Subscribing Now You Will Get Two To Three Videos Directly Every Month And Subscribing is Totally Free Therefore Subscribe Without Hesitation And If Your Friend Takes Interest in Gardening Then Share This Video With Him See You Again With New Information Till Then BYE

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