Organic Fertilizing : Adding Organic Fertilizer to Garden

In this clip, we’re going to be talking about
how to apply organic fertilizers. There are basically two techniques. One is by putting
liquid organic fertilizers such as seaweed, and fish into your watering bucket, and watering
it directly onto the root system of the plants. Pour a liquid fertilizer into the water, and
then gently, all over the root zone of the plant, apply your fertilizers. It’s always
best to do this in the early part of the day, because plants put on most of their growth
in the early part of the day. At night time, their shutting their systems are shutting
down; they’re not being as aggressive and active. So, generously water the root systems
around the roots of the plants. If this tree was very large, you would be watering further
out, than close into the trunk of the tree, okay? In the dry applications of organic fertilizers
we have the soil that’s in the plants. Remember, we’ve already created compost or soil, but
if we’re adding seaweed, dried dried seaweed in this case, if we’re adding bone meal, let’s
make sure that the fertilizer gets deep into the soil, not just sitting on the surface.
The dry organic fertilizers are stable. They don’t just wash right in so easily as they
do the liquid in the liquid form. We want to take that fertilizer, and put it in around
the root zone of the plant. But we want to work it into the roots; we don’t want to let
it sit on the surface. So the nutrients, in this case organic fertilizers, need to be
in the root zone; they need to be down there where the plant can get them. Scratching the
surface, and working it into into the plant is really your best bet.

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