Organic Fertilizing : Importance of Mulch on Plants

This clip is about the importance of mulch
in an organic garden or the use of organic fertilizers. Why do we mulch plants? We put
mulch around the top of roots of plants to insulate them from the wind, from the sun,
to hold moisture in the root zone of the plant and also to help keep weeds down so we have
less work to do. The queen of the garden is compost. Compost is probably the best mulch
you can make, the best mulch you can use, it readily turns into soil because it is so
alive. Compost is really the best mulch we can use. The application of compost, again,
we want to cover the root zone, we want to take our compost and sprinkle it around the
top of the roots to accomplish protection from wind, protection from sun and inhibiting
weeds and holding water in the root zone of the plant. So remember, some mulches are good
but ones that disintegrate and turn into soil and some mulches get some jobs done but not
all the job. Plastic for instance will hold weeds down quite effectively, will hold moisture
in the soil quite effectively, but it’s not really going to turn into soil, which is the
process of creating future potential. For our children, for our grand-children or simply
next year’s garden.

2 thoughts on “Organic Fertilizing : Importance of Mulch on Plants

  1. Excellent topic! Thanks for covering this. I have major issues with the use of plastic 'mulch' leeching petrochemicals into vegetable gardens, etc. Hardwood mulches or even dry leaf clippings will decay and return nutrients back into the soil

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