Organic Fertilizing : Making Organic Compost

This clip is about homemade fertilizer compost.
This part of the natural world and natural gardening is really the heart, the queen of
the garden. Healthy compost is made from all these other ingredients. Think of it as baking
a cake. It’s full of aerobic bacteria, antibiotic, in many senses. When I work with organic compost
with my hands, sores go away and callus’s decrease. The aerobic activity in that element,
it really creates a root zone where plants can thrive and plants can be happy. Compost
is alive, nurturing the earthworms and the microorganisms, the fungi, that makes this
planet go around. Like I talked about earlier, the thin layer of soil we live on, if it’s
alive and healthy, we are too. I highly recommend for any natural fertilizing program, that
compost be used as the basis and the starting point. You can buy commercial compost in stores,
in bags. Again, your bags will be labeled organic, it’s a strict code from the FDA and
also by state regulations. Look for that organic label and look for compost. The big advantage
of compost, other than its nutrient value, is that it holds ten times its weight in water.
Water holding potential is an incredible thing because if the plants are not starving for
water, the plants can continue to grow without any setbacks.

14 thoughts on “Organic Fertilizing : Making Organic Compost

  1. Maybe it's something said on this video, but I just have the idea of introducing smelly feet into finished compost to kill any human parasites, bacteria or fungus like athletes feet or fungus on nails. I have the feeling it may work. In nature our feet should be right on in to the soil. Any one with smelly feet, cares to try? (I can't experiment because I have clean feet). Is any doctors reading?

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