Organic Fertilizing : Organic Materials in Soil

Let’s now talk about some sources of nitrogen,
potassium, phosphorus, and other micro elements that occur in the soils, and in our whole
environment. Let’s go with nitrogen first. Nitrogen is the element that gives us green
leaves. It makes things grow fast, and and makes them look vital. In the chemical world,
nitrogen comes very easily out of a bottle. In the natural organic type of fertilizing,
we have to look for other sources of nitrogen. One great source is kelp, or seaweed that
is dried out. Very high in nitrogen, it comes from the ocean, which is the source of all
life, as we know. In homemade compost, we can create nitrogen very easily by mixing
lots of different elements together. In composting, one of the main sources of nitro would be
animal manures, things from sheep and cows. They’re commercially available in nursery
centers, but how about the stables that are right around the corner from your house, or
how about your friend who has the pet rabbits? These sources of nitrogen are very hot, and
they break down the compost very quickly. Phosphorus is the second big element that
we’re dealing with. Phosphorus is traditionally brought to us from bone meal. For many, many
years bone meal was the source. Now we have the options of mining rock phosphate right
out of the ground, and using that middle number on your fertilizers, the P, to create beautiful,
beautiful flowers. That’s what phosphorus mostly gives us. Potassium is the last one.
Potassium we can get out of a product called green sand. Green sand is high in iron, it’s
high in potassium, and it also has incredible water holding potential. In the chemical world,
we’re just talking about N, P, and K, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. In the organic
world, all of the other micro elements are being brought in to give us a whole system,
and a whole healthy plant.

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  1. Awsome, I was looking for a source of nitrogen and I never heard of seaweed being full of it. Where can you buy seaweed?

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