Organic Fruits Farming – ജൈവപഴത്തോട്ടം

Khadeeja Nargees is someone who observes nature closely and is promoting organic cultivation by cultivating 160 varieties of fruits in her 92 cents of land. And she is an inspiration to the younger generation and people of the place. She is also a member of the State Organic Farmers Samiti and the president of Malappuram District Farmer’s Samiti. Fully ripened peanut butter plant is a colorful sight to behold. You can also find different varieties of Pappaya in her farm. The endangered species of Cycadus tree (Queen Sago palm) eenth in Malayalam, can be found in her farm. New varieties of mangoes providing a good harvest like Mallika, Kotturkonam, Malgoa,Thailand Mango add richness to her farm. Manilkara Zapota (Chickoo/ Zapota) and Custard apple are ripening. Also, lemon, mangosteen, wax apple/rose apple, gooseberries, bilimbi (Averrhoa bilimbi), rambutan, guava, mulberry, jamun fruit, Malabar tamarind, pomegranate, sarvasugandhi (Pimenta dioica), egg fruit can also be found in her farm. Wild mango and Scramberry has fruited. A new variety of jackfruit plant- Chambadakka can be found in her farm. We prefer to follow a traditional method of farming. Many foreign and hybrid varieties of plants are cultivated using the grafting method. That was because, there was no other alternative for the same. Otherwise, we should give priority to the regionally available fruits and they are easier to grow when looked upon the practicality aspect. Having observed that rambutan and plants like mangosteen are growing in plenty in our climatic conditions as well, I decided to grow it in my farm. My wish is that anyone who visits my farm should never leave with a hungry stomach. And I wish they should be fed fruits itself because fruits are the storehouse of vitamins and minerals. In addition to that, since it is grown in an organic way, it’s all the more good and is a cure for all diseases and is good for health. That is the reason why I wish to create a fruit forest. Foreign fruits like Jabuticaba fruit, Soso, Bawaba fruit plant,Thailand Chamba Babloos lemon, Kumkot lemon, Sweet Loly, Habeef Banana, Thailand guavas and grafted rajapuli (tamarind) can be found here. And I realized that demonstrating a model farm was important. There are around 12-13 varieties of banana plantain in my farm. In the recent severe summers, we never had to buy a single banana from the market. Since our way of living is closely knit to nature and surroundings we consume a lot of natural fruits and bananas, and buying them entirely from markets may turn out to be expensive. In addition to that fruits that are commercially available, especially mangoes are full of chemicals and in bananas chemicals like furadan are being spayed excessively. Hence one cannot consume those. We have got yields as high as 22kg, 30kgs and 40kgs some banana bunches were as high as 6 feet. Many are skeptical whether one can achieve such a yield in organic cultivation. Do not have any concern or doubts, all of you should switch to organic cultivation. Everyone thinks it is very costly, but it is not so. It’s true that if the land is not nutrient and mineral rich, we should put in some effort to convert it into a nutrient-rich soil. If we take proper care after that it is never an expensive affair. It is been proven that using chemical fertilizers are more expensive. Every family should switch to organic farming, be it a person owning 2 cents of land and more. Khadeeja has cultivated almost all vegetables that we can think of, in her kitchen garden. Lady’s Finger (Anakomban venda), Brinjal, Spinach (Sambhar cheera), Ivy gourd, Chilies etc are being cultivated using drip irrigation. Every Ayurvedic herb like Alovera, Pani Koorka (Plectranthus Amboinicus), Adhatoda beddome (Aadalodakam) are all a part of her collection. Its been 4-5 years, we are not using petroleum gas for cooking, we use the bio-gas obtained from here. The slurry is used for agriculture. Since we are growing cattles, we use the cow dung and urine obtained from cows to prepare jeevamritham and is administered to the plants. In addition to this, we use bone powder, neem oil cake and other oil cakes and prepare fertilizers for the plant. Fish fertilizer is also used. We do this in small scale as it is needed only in small quantities. Because we use drip irrigation, we never felt any difficulty during summer, because ample water was available and we were able to manage the use of water really well. The water that we use for bathing and washing is also collected separately in a tank and is re-used. Thus an effective and efficient waste management system, where nothing is being wasted, Vegetables, Biogas plant, organic fruit forest other organically grown plants. These are the major elements of my farm here. This homemaker who handles her homeland in so much beauty and greenery is definitively giving a welcoming and relevant message to our society and the younger generation.

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