Organic Lawn Starter Fertilizer

Hello this is Stewart and today I’m going to
talk to you about organic fertilizers. This is it the organic fertilizer that I
use. It’s about 39% rock minerals which makes this a very very unique
product. Today is a beautiful day; April 10th it’s raining real hard. I’m out here aerating, seeding and fertilizing. This is a regular client of mine Been a regular client for about four years now. An organics client. What I’m
using here is a calibrated seed spreader and this way I do not get the seeds into the
flower beds. Or…the least amount as possible. With organic
fertilizers I believe every should be using organic fertilizer
at least once a year I understand many clients want a chemical
green, at the same time, I believe if you take take care of your soil you take of the plant no matter what that plant happens to be and today it’s a lawn. What this organic fertilizer does is get micro microbial activity working very
very well and it’s got humic acids added to
it and it’s just an exceptional product. I charge about $55 an
average lawn for the organic fertilizer. It’s an
expensive product very very well worth it. It’s unique I
don’t know of another organic fertilizer out there that has rock minerals in it
much less 39% rock minerals. The way our lawns
grow our lawns are really a cover crop and
taking the minerals and nutrients out of your soil, agronomically
speaking, a cover crop is tilled back into the
soil we don’t do that with our lawns. So after a
while the soil underneath our lawns just
gets really really tired and a lot of the
nutrients are just removed. What this does is help repair the soil. Once again this is
Stewart with Aerating Thatching Company and I hope you enjoyed my rainy
video today Thank you bye bye

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