Organic Market at Rizal Park, Davao City, Philippines

Good afternoon to all of you. We’re here at the downtown area of Davao City. As you can see, to my left is the San Pedro Cathedral. Across it is the Sanggunian (Panlunsod ng Davao). And across me is Rizal Park. It’s now 4 PM so vehicles are starting to pile up. Some of these commuters are employees, and some are students on their way home. Across Rizal Park are the stalls of small businessmen and women selling assorted products like bags, street food. These are soap bars made with papaya. These are sellers hawking jewelry… …trinkets. There are vendors selling peeled and sliced fruits. These are unripe mangoes. Unripe mangoes again. Papaya. These are either guavas or guapples. And these ones are jicama. And you can add condiments to the fruits. You can choose from plain salt, or salt with chili powder. And then what’s usually done here after putting salt or salt with chili powder vinegar is then added as a final touch. But you also have an option to put… I think this is ginamos (fermented fish) or alamang (fermented krill) with vinegar. We traveled here to the Poblacion, the downtown area because we wanted to check out the organic market held every Friday here at Rizal Park. Let’s go check it out now. That’s the statue of Dr. Jose Rizal. To my right are stalls where you can get a massage. And those tents you see are the stalls selling organic fruits and vegetables. Let’s see what they’re selling. They have Cardava bananas, Lakatan bananas. They also have Latundan bananas. This stall sells eggplants, too. This type of banana is called sab-a by locals. As you can see, these bananas are small. They’re small and almost just as big as my thumb. This variety of banana is delicious. I’ve tasted sab-a before. It’s starchier and not as sweet as the Cardava banana. They have lansones, banana blossoms, papaya, string beans, sponge gourd. There’s also a stall that sells organic upland vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower. And that one too, chayote. And they also have cabbage and carrots. And cucumbers, too. Where’s your farm? In Marahan, Namnam. Marahan? Yes. Marilog District. There are ornamental plants sold here as well. This is the only one I’m familiar with, the santan (jungle geranium). This organic market is held every Friday afternoon from 1 to 6 PM. I would just like to make it clear, every Friday afternoon organically grown fruits and vegetables aren’t the only ones sold here at Rizal Park. As you can see to my left these are small entrepreneurs selling fruits and vegetables that weren’t grown the organic way. If you come here to buy organic produce the organic farm growers are the ones with pop-up tents. On the nonorganic section of the market are a variety of fruits and vegetables being sold. They also have poultry products, seafood items like tuna and seaweeds, they also sell processed meats like sausages, and condiments like bagoong (fermented krill). They also have this, it’s called dayok. Dayok is made from tuna entrails, onions and garlic and then preserved in salt and vinegar. This one here is sinamak, a spiced vinegar with chili. And of course, boneless bagoong (fermented fish). Let’s go back to the stalls of organic farm growers and producers. They have sweet potatoes. Bottle gourd, a variety of leafy greens like morning glory, sweet potato tops, and malabar spinach. There’s squash and bitter gourd as well. And of course, durian. This is the stall of DUFPA, the Davao Urban Farming Practitioners Association. They sell a variety of potted plants. This group practices container gardening since they grow these crops at home. They have different varieties of lettuce. They also have culinary herbs like tarragon, basil, rosemary. They also have curly leaf parsley, kinchay (Chinese parsley). They also have yerba buena (mint). This is the stall of Kababaihang Nagtataglay ng Bihirang Lakas, a women farmers group. It’s now 5 PM. It’s the end of the workday for City Hall and Sanggunian employees. It’s the end of the workday for employees from different government agencies located here in the Poblacion area so you can see the organic market is slowly getting filled with customers. As you can see, Rizal Park, which is to my left, is where the organic market is. Right beside Rizal Park is the City Hall of Davao City. There’s an activity going on. It turns out, every Friday, they lower the Philippine flag. As you can see, I sincerely apologize I can’t zoom it in since I’m using a GoPro, they’re now folding the Philippine flag. I’ll end this episode here. We bought some broccoli and I was amazed at how affordable its price was because it was only for Php85 per kilo today, 30 September 2016. If you want to avail of organically grown produce come visit Rizal Park here at the Poblacion or downtown area of Davao. The organic market is every Friday, from 1 PM to 6 PM. The ones selling here are the small organic farm growers and producers themselves, who in turn belong to different organizations. The said organizations, meanwhile, are members of the Association of Davao Organic Advocates, which is the umbrella organization that established this Friday organic market that’s now running for three years. Do you want to see more videos about Davao? Please subscribe!

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  1. Wow didn't know their was an organic market here…. I think I will do a review on this as well as I am a big fan of organic foods with no chemicals. Assuming that Organic means the same thing as it means in USA. Was that Mango Ice Cream made fresh in video? If so I have to go their now as that is my favorite ice cream in Digos (Akong Paborito Ice Cream).

  2. It makes me sooooo happy seeing all those vegetables hahaha. Somehow ur voice makes the videos extremely peaceful. And the subtitles r very useful too! Another awesome video. Keep them coming pleaseeee

  3. Gosh taga Davao ako pero di ko alam ito.Thanks for sharing this kind of video,it's very helpful and informative.I'll gonna visit and buy some as soon as i get back home.I miss my dear homeland.💕

  4. do they have Coriander there?? i'm scheduled to move to Davao city for my next job, i was wondering where to buy locally produced spices and herbs, like Coriander, kaffir lime, galangal, turmeric roots, thyme, like the ones you see in baguio

  5. Shared on fb sis para mas maraming ma aware at maka support sa mga local farmers.

    😍 🇵🇭 🇰🇼 ❤️💞

  6. 8:00 I'VE BEEN HERE JUST LAST WEEK!! Watching this video excites me more since the place is familiar to me.

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