Organic Paddy Farming – ജൈവ നെല്‍ക്യഷി

Abhayam Krishnan is the president of State Organic Agricultural Farmers Council. He created a group named Abhayam to help farmers by giving them assistance. He is always engaged in various agricultural and socially relevant activities. Krishnan is setting a benchmark for the farming community by undertaking organic paddy farming in a protected way. These days the most important activity that I remain engaged in is agriculture. By following an organic method of farming and using desi seeds it shows better growth and shows better immunity against insects. Now through the organization Abhayam we are protecting and growing 58 types of paddy seeds. Majority of the seeds are from Wayand and rest being the seeds we used in these localities during older times like chettadi, chitteni, thekkan, vellari cheruvellari. We are able to get many such desi variety of seeds through social workers and farmers. These differ from each other in their nutritional values, medicinal benefits, smell etc. Varieties like chengazhava, rakthashaali helps in increasing the hemoglobin levels in our body. These seeds are very much rich in iron content. Those seeds which are endangered and varieties those are about to be extinct can be seen cultivated at Abhayam. There is even a collection of paddy seeds, those used to be cultivated by our ancestors at Abhayam. Mundakankutty, Kuttadan, Cheruvellari Chomaala Kattamoden Rakhthashaali Makaram Aryan kaima, ThavalaKannan, Chenkaima these desi varieties of seeds cultivated in a completely organic way. The major ingredient I use here is jeevamrutham, that too not in a very sophisticated manner, we use cow’s urine and dung obtained from desi cows. We have many desi breed of cows here at Kozhikode. We administer to the plants after mixing both and keeping so for a day. We use the dried leaves of trees like golden shower (Cassia fistula) as manure. We do paddy farming in more than 30 acres of land. One third of it is consumed by around 100 people here, rest of the paddy is given us organic rice , without removing the husk is sold. Our way of farming is conducted in such a way that there is no loss. We do not look for high profits as an institution but we have never suffered a loss. Abhayam also experiments growing various paddy seeds in a way that is suitable to the climatic conditions prevailing here. From the initial stages itself we wanted to experiment such things through Abhayam as we rarely see such experimental farming taking place here. But now we are able to undertake various sustainable experiments. We source seeds from Kasargod( Satyanarayanan) 15 different varieties of seeds are brought and we plant it in grow bags or pots in smaller areas after creating a platform. In addition to that agricultural institute (KrishiBhavan given us a shelter that is also for producing high quality seeds. Recently Dr. Sunil from krishi vijgana kendram gave us 11 varieties of seeds from Sikhim. Sikhim is well known state in India for its organic method of cultivation practices. We have been growing these desi varities of seeds from Sikhim in growbags and shelter. We grow many varieties of seeds, beautiful ones like butterflies, the ones that get cooked even in normal water rather than boiling water, black rice, seeds that prevent cancer. We also try to grow seeds that are used as nutrition supplements and medicines. There might be slight changes due to climatic variations and changes and soil differences. But our productivity is higher compared to people who undertake farming using chemical fertilizers, pesticides etc. We are able to produce an extra 1600 kg of rice compared to others which comes as a surprise even to agricultural officers. Since we are engaged in protecting the gene varieties of the earth, the central government honored us by giving awards for protecting various plant genome varieties of the earth. Krishnan emphsises the fact that an organic way of farming is very much essential for the sustenance of humankind and to sustain and perpetuate this kind of farming is the individual responsibility of every one of us and through Abhayam we are just trying to set a good example for others to learn from.

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