Organic Summer Harvest from the Vegetable Garden Grocery Store (& a Few Surprises!)๐Ÿ“๐Ÿฅ’๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ‡๐ŸŒถ

hi everyone well today we’re gonna do an
organic summer harvest and it’s always so much fun to read three words of all
of our hard work by harvesting our vegetables and camera guy is out in
front of the camera today rather than in back of the camera yeah you know I
wanted to change it up a little bit I wanted to be on the front with you hang
out harvest pull some vegetables you know that kind of thing should be fun
should be a lot of fun we have all kinds of things today we have peppers
cucumbers berries we’re even gonna take a look at our contest tomato and our
grapes about that contest tomato take a look
well this tomato here is the yellow Brandywine tomato that’s part of the
tomato grow off 2019 I know a lot of you guys are joining the contest with us now
unfortunately I already know I’m not gonna win Gary and Jess have already
weighed in their Tomatoes well over two pounds yeah but we’re gonna do our
weigh-in today Gary’s tomato was killer oh my gosh
tomato was beautiful but we’re gonna weigh in today and you
might notice here I have it covered with shade cloth because we are having a big
problem with the rats like usual yeah a lot of people asking the lifestream how
to protect it against animals this is definitely one way just by putting
something over your vegetable yeah that really does help well we’re gonna
uncover it and see if it did the trick on this tomato all right Jerry you wanna
do the honors yep crossing my fingers oh my gosh look at that tomato it is
beautiful that is gorgeous – really nice yellow Brandywine tomatoes those are
gorgeous yep they’re not quite as big as I got last year this spot does not get
near as much Sun as where I planted it last year but you know what I’m very
happy with it I would be – yeah go ahead and snip it off Brandywine tomatoes are
absolutely delicious they’re an heirloom tomato I think we need to have this for
dinner tonight okay I think I know it’s not as near as
biggest Gary’s but I am really happy with this I’m gonna go ahead and wait
anyway just for the heck of it and this is the scales and ounces so it’s four
point four ounces so I think next year I will choose a tomato that’s known for
growing giant tomatoes and hopefully I’ll be a little bit more of a contender
all right next year it’s official game on so right next the yellow Brandywine
we have one of the large size cherry tomatoes and Jerry’s gonna pick those
off and put them in here now this plant has taken a beating from the heat you
can see as he’s picking here that dried off branches it’s kind of reaching the
end of its life here I also had a horn worm attack this plant so the leaves
some of the leaves are really stripped can’t find any here I trimmed a bunch
him off last week something on that on it hopefully I’m gonna fertilize this
one and we’ll get some more production out of it now right here is on my very
favorite kinds of squash they are just such a beautiful beautiful variety
it’s a white scalloped squash and that you’re not pretty mmm
I absolutely love the scalloped edges and these are so pretty when you slice
them up and just grill them just like that they’re absolutely gorgeous so
Jerry let’s go check out the cucumbers okay I absolutely love this trellis we
built it earlier in the summer it is just such a fun trellis it really is
pretty I know that sounds really goofy but it’s just it’s vertical it’s pretty
it’s different it adds a ton of dimension to the hill oh saved us so
much space seams are huge this is a sweet spot the cucumbers absolutely love
this spot and we have several in here to harvest I’m gonna grab this one right
here you guys can get a shot of this very little help there we go this is a
Boston pickling cucumber look at that beautiful cucumber and I don’t know
about you guys but cucumbers in the store don’t even buy him you got to grow
your own they’re so easy to grow and so delicious
oh my goodness this one looks absolutely amazing it does I usually prefer to pick
cucumbers in there just a little bit smaller because when they get oversized
sometimes they tend to get a little bit bitter especially on the ends and I’ll
show you a good example of that on our next little pic see how these are
slightly yellowish tinge this one is a tad overripe so Gerry you want to pick
it right at the stem not not there well that’s okay you just cut off a leave
which has powdery mildews that’s no big deal
oh damn good cut it right there there you go my bad and this one I may use for
seed saving or hey we might just try it and see if it’s it’s not too bitter
here’s one more that got a little bit overripe some of these leaves do have
some powdery mildew on them so I’ll be coming it through and pruning these off
guys probably hopefully saw our video on Saturday about powdery mildew and here’s
one right here and we love to put cucumbers and water
just for a nice refreshing drink and I just eat them plain probably a couple a
day that is a very good drink well thanks Jerry oh oh my gosh oh wow I
really missed this one look at that okay this one’s way over site all right snip
yep okay so this one will definitely be saving the seeds from this one that’s
all you do with it is only only able to save seeds well yeah probably won’t
taste very good we’ll try it but yeah maybe this one oh yeah that’s a nice
little guy it’ll be just right for eating I think
that’s probably about it there’s a ton of smaller ones this cucumbers haven’t
had been so productive this year a ton of smaller ones in here that’ll be
sizing up over the next week or so so in another week we’re gonna have a brand
new harvested cucumbers now like I’ve been telling you guys cucumbers are one
of those vegetables you can plant all season long so make sure you get some
new way planted and you’ll be harvesting them in about six weeks yeah I know
we’ve got a little summer squash here to harvest those are so good
they’re super tender and we’ll add it to our scallop squash on the BBQ this is
actually the perfect size it’s nice and small it’s not oversized so Gerry you
just have to twist off oh I don’t like to use scissors or a knife on squash so
I’m always afraid I’m gonna cut the main stem then there goes my squash plants
you just twist it gently to pull it off there it was pretty easy huh yeah that
was that’s the perfect size now I think we have some more Tomatoes in the garden
bed right behind you there okay let’s check out these Tomatoes here I’ve been
dying to harvest them oh these look so pretty all the tomatoes this is our
globe tomato these are in my spring garden seed collection and this plant it
just looks great just a real it’s a beautiful tomato it’s kind of a
medium-sized it’s done absolutely fabulous in the heat this summer and
this one here hmm kind of all merged together grab the scissors there cherry
and we can pick that one off it’s a great time now to pick the tomatoes cuz
we’re supposed to get triple digit temperatures this week okay I’ll take it
there so we want to try and harvest everything we can even though this one
is not quite all the way red that way the plants don’t get so stressed out by
the heat trying to keep the tomatoes alive you go ahead pull those off pull
or twist you just pull the tomatoes you’re pretty easy they come right off there you go I’m gonna go around back
actually and grab the ones that are back there we are gonna be in tomatoes and
cucumbers this week how about a tomato cucumber salad that sounds really good I
love those just chop up your Tomatoes chop up your cucumbers add some fresh
basil we’ll grab some of that while we’re out here look at this one oh wow
that’s really nice it’s perfectly red is beautiful it’s just such a good feeling
to come out here and pick knowing that we grew it ourselves I’ve
never had a homegrown tomato you are missing out you’ve got to grow them
yourself look at that oh wow that’s beautiful Gerry okay that’s it huh um
yeah we’re just gonna load up our harvest basket here look at this we
already have a ton of right now it is beautiful yeah they look really good you
know what I just noticed this cucumber hmm this is a gorgeous cucumber one of
my favorite varieties is called a bait alpha because it’s really smooth skinned
as opposed to the boss to pickling which are kind of spiny so it’s gorgeous
hey go Gerry and cut that off here we go Wow the perfect size these don’t get
bitter very easily so this is beautiful unfortunately we do have an overcooked
one right here I think this is maybe the market more so if you want to snip that
oh you might go in the compost pile too nothing goes to waste right nothing goes
to waste either compost it’s a the seeds are eat it next comes the pepper harvest
this is my first major pepper harvest of the season I know you guys are growing
peppers too and I’m sure you’re super excited to harvest your peppers as well
but here we have the peppers guys oh my goodness I love growing peppers there’s
so many beautiful colors and we’re gonna start off with the California wonder
pepper is that okay now yeah isn’t it talk about this actually this is called
Sun scald here on the front of the pepper and it doesn’t mean that your
pepper is ruined it just means it got a little sunburned from the heat so we’re
gonna go ahead and take this off and what you can do once you bring this
pepper inside is you can just cut off the Sun scalded part and then eat your
pepper like normal so the California wonder peppers ripen to a beautiful
bright red color so not all of them are ready on that plant Jerry but the super
beautiful bright ones are and those are the ones we’re gonna pick this one is
yes that one is see how it has a a bit of non red on that side but that’s
okay we’ll go ahead and pick that one because we don’t want to risk it to the
heat this week either and I think we’ll leave the rest of them on the plant hmm
and maybe I’ll shade them to help protect them from Sun scald again I do
see a really nice red one way back in here know if I can show it buried in
there right red I’ve actually posted a picture that on Instagram last week
it’s almost shiny it’s so pretty can you get that like unless I just cut it this
is my favorite pepper it’s gorgeous it’s a nice thick walled pepper really
beautiful on the grill it really sweetens it and brings out the flavor
when you grill it we pretty much keep things pretty simple
in our garden olive oil salt and pepper wow this is so
pretty look at that pepper and here we have a
couple other California wonders in here these ones might be a tad see how the
skin is kind of wrinkled there I probably should have picked that one
just a couple days sooner so go ahead and snip that off and I think we’ll
leave the rest of these to ripen up and size up can you still eat this one yeah
no it’s fine okay oops I got one more down there they were just hiding it all
over the place and you guys might notice some of these leaves are kind of
dropping off that does tend to happen when it gets over 90 degrees and we’ve
had plenty of days over 90 degrees so look at that what do you call it the
garden grocery store the garden grocery store we are harvesting from our very
own garden grocery store isn’t it fun oh the Hungarian hot wax okay so these are
a spicy pepper and I’m not gonna pick all these because we don’t eat that many
hot peppers all at once but I’ll grab a couple I’ll mix them there maybe make
some salsa tonight with our tomatoes would be really good and then this is
one of my favorite varieties definitely one of the most beautiful in the garden
look at these jerry purple the purple beauty well that really lives up to its
name this color is amazing you know the colors are
really incredible that’s one reason why I love pepper so much sometimes I I know
it sounds crazy but I hate to pick them because they’re just so pretty to look
at on the plant itself pick yeah you know I just want to encourage people
even if you have one container okay you’re growing out of go for it do it
love it harvest it eat it grow it it doesn’t
matter if you’ve got a huge backyard or a little deck just do it you’re gonna
just feel so good when you go out and you harvest your own food that you grew
okay this one yeah let’s go and check this one not quite red but again I don’t
want to risk it to the heat here got a little bug in there but that’s okay cut
that part off oh there’s a Cuban else so these are a beautiful sweet pepper
absolutely beautiful and you can harvest peppers at different stages they’ll
change color but you can also harvest them when they’re not quite the color
they’re supposed to be these peppers are incredible yeah the color so now I’m
gonna harvest something that I’m very excited about a lot of you have been
asking me to grow this particular vegetable for quite some time any
guesses well if you guessed okra you’re right and you guys saw this on the
garden tour a few weeks ago we have one ready to harvest so I am really excited
about this this is a red okra it’s absolutely beautiful and I’m actually
considering carrying this in my seed collections next year so let me know if
you’re interested now I don’t really know anything about harvesting okra
aside from the fact you just have to snip the stem but I think I might’ve let
this one get a little too big so let me know what you guys think are you ok
experts out there I’m gonna snip it at the bottom I don’t think we’ve had this
yet right no we haven’t anywhere else or anything no I’ve been
hearing about it a lot lately though that’s kind of fun a beautiful vegetable
and the flowers are really pretty too although there’s no flowers on this one
right now first I thought they were saying Oprah
wow she even has a vegetable now this is okra
guys and isn’t that pretty and I think we’ll be harvesting some more in just a
couple of weeks got a few more coming on here so if you guys have any great ideas
on how to eat okra please let us know while you hot weather gardeners right
next the okra real quick I’m just gonna take a couple of these cayenne long slim
peppers these are super super hot so I’m not gonna promise a whole bunch right
now I’d say I really need to camera guys not big on hot stuff you can see I
really need to stake this plant up but these are such gorgeous peppers see
they’re even good to grow just for the ornamental value look at the eyes and
that pretty so even if you don’t like a lot of hot stuff just grow them because
they’re so pretty here’s my other contest tomato and this
one is going along much better so I’ll show you that in just a second but we
want to grab some basil for our tomato basil cucumber salad so here we have
this beautiful basil plant you can see it’s starting to go to seed just a
little bit and I am gonna just snip some of the branches off now with basil the
more you harvest the more it’ll produce so usually you want to try and harvest
it before it goes to flower there but the bees love the flowers and you can
snip it off you can even route these in water and
base it will grow back very very quickly do you have this in a jar on the
windowsill um thank you I do right now and I actually been saving it to make a
video so hopefully I’ll get that video made real soon come on down guys and
take a look at my beefsteak tomato even though the contest is over even though
the contest is over I’m still gonna oh my gosh look at this rats
oh my gosh this is just oh it took a chunk something took a chunk out of that
guy’s and I just grabbed it the evidence of the tomato hornworm in here choose
luckily it’s not the biggest tomato it’s a constant battle oh my gosh look at
this so many people are asking about that on our live streams you know how
are you battling rodents how are you betting battling animals and stuff it’s
a constant battle for everybody it’s a constant battle for sure
down in here is a really nice big one no boy I hope they don’t get to that one
maybe we should put it Jerry you know the pantyhose trick yeah I think I will
will protect this one with some pantyhose or some shade cloth so anyway
guys you guys got a sneak peek at my red beef steak we’ll come back and do a
harvest when those arrive well let’s take a look at our grapes this will be
we don’t know what to expect here but you know how excited we’ve been about
these because for the first time we’ve got grapes we have you guys remember on
I forget what video was we covered these up to protect them from the birds then
you get in there and from the rats how’s it look Jerry I’m almost afraid fungus what ok well let’s wait they’re gone
very serious dead serious no way look at that the rats got through
that are you kidding me no way let me cut that off look what is
that like a fungus or something oh it’s just an earwig okay let’s check back
here this number one no good this looks a little more promising vacuum okay well
looks like there’s grapes in there do we open it or just leave it no I want to
see what’s in there I’m gonna open it oh no do we wait too long are you kidding
me eggs in there oh wait are we long again well they’re not quite right
though mm-hmm there’s some that are kind of shriveled up kind of pretty well not
very impressive well we got one more let’s check oh we got a couple more this
one looks good fingers crossed these look good those are red in there let’s
take those out here uh-oh we’ve got some mold Oh guys I’m so disappointed I
should have checked him sooner I think somebody even said that check
him every day oh here we go I’m gonna open it slowly oh my gosh what up little
man you’re so excited about these what happened they’re half ripe and half not
ripe if you guys grew grapes please let me know what we did wrong but bummer
that is a bummer what’s that one back there nothing way
back there nothing to cover oh man
bombed well guys we’ve been trying I think this is our fifth year trying on
grass so maybe next year we’ll kit right well let us know if you have any
vegetables that you’ve been trying for a long time and have never quite gotten to
harvest yeah it’s part of the learning part of it yeah you’re definitely gonna
have to do some more research well that was a bummer
yeah he’s excited about it it’s too well at least we still have the berries okay
we have got a lot of strawberries and I know a ton of blackberries so so cheery
here you go we’re gonna go for it with the strawberries here now they like to
hide underneath so to pull back the leaves and dig around in here and I know
we have some really beautiful strawberries the towers are producing
berries like crazy or they twist for pull um you want to hang on to the berry
in one hand the vine in the other and then just pull it off there you go they
like to hide under there look how it’s nice and shiny and red it’s a good sign
that it’s ready to pick beautiful there’s a lot of ones down here that are
not ripe so there’s a lot more coming on behind those now this tower they always
like to hide right in the middle oh isn’t that gorgeous it’s so much fun
to grow your own fruit right from your own garden grocery store that area will
you dig around in there for more berries okay I know I’ve got some on the other
side that I’m gonna go check out usually the best ones are over here it’s always
so much fun to see what you discover in the garden there’s one oh you know wait
a minute wait till we come around yeah you don’t have to come around cuz you
guys have got to see these I saw a peekaboo on the other side oh man that’s
pretty that’s okay if you can hold it closer up to the stem when you pick it
it’s kind of hard to pick it and hold the basket
good yeah we go nice dig in there are there anymore your net
oh wow oh wow that is gonna be a juicy one that’s going on my yogurt variable
tomorrow nice oh that one’s kind of up I guess it’s too mushy I think that’s it
over right here that wasn’t like the perfectly shaped berry so fun you never
know what you’re gonna see out here in the garden oh my goodness I’m liking
what I see here can you hold that Jerry okay these let’s see it are stunning
berries beautiful perfect shiny oh my goodness this is why we do it guys this
is why we grow our own food for this moment right here when we’re harvesting
these beautiful red ripe juicy berries pull them already oh my goodness gosh
they look so lovely I know there’s more down here too
so let me pull back leave those a little bit this one looks good that does look
good beautiful and guys I fertilize my
strawberry crate ours about once a week people ask me how I keep my towers
producing because I feed them on a regular basis they get the good dirt
plant food and the vermis tear our worm tea and so I have berries like this
pretty much all summer long even in the heat
I’ve had them covered with shade cloth oh wow okay this is possibly the most
beautiful berry I’ve ever seen I know I keep saying that but this one is really
really pretty so not only do we get a beautiful basket of strawberries but the
best part my favorite part of the whole summer garden is the blackberries
these are mammoth every time I pick them they get bigger and bigger look at these
guys they are like the size of I don’t even know like a small little bouncy
ball so just look really good they are absolutely scrumptious and black berries
are ripe when they pull very very easily from the plant so you can just look how
a that one came off they’re supposed to be
black obviously this one is red these ones aren’t right but the one you’ve got
there Jerry is also this red one eventually is gonna turn black yes I
didn’t know that right so see how easily those pull yeah well look at the red one
it’s not gonna pull easily at all so that’s one way to tell I know that
besides the color of course behind the camera so yeah so we’re just gonna go
through and harvest these guys look it down there oh my gosh I just cannot get
over this sighs blackberries and I pretty much fertilized my garden with
everything all over the garden and it’s working for me guys this too gets the
good dirt plant food the vermis Terra we’re empty the worm castings it is
paying off and I also prune these berries back this winter very heavily we
did have an extra cold winter so that helps as well I don’t think this baskets
gonna be enough for all these it’s just loaded it’s absolutely loaded I might
have enough to actually freeze a little bag now I know for those of you in the
Pacific Northwest these things grow in the wild but here in California this is
pretty exciting so we’re gonna just gonna go through here are there any more
cherry underneath they tend to hide underneath the leaves nope oh there’s a
bunch more over here Jerry look under this one look at that one oh my gosh
whoops this is crazy they are just huge oh I dropped one this is truly the joy and the magic of
gardening to come out here and pick this got a beautiful fruit found it
you guys having grown blackberries you definitely got to try it oh you want to
miss one single one cuz we don’t want the birds getting them or the rats we’ve
got a couple more to pick here and then I think we’re done crazy well it’s gonna
be fun maybe I’ll have to break out the french vanilla ice cream huh Machel
treat thank you so much for joining us on our organic summer harvest yeah I
actually had a lot of fun too as well being in front of the camera rather than
being behind the camera for this and they’re just gorgeous I have to admit
I’m I was stunned at how pretty they were as I was pulling them off is that’s
really neat they are beautiful and we’re gonna have a lot of fun cooking some of
these veggies up for dinner so let us know down below what you’re harvesting
in your summer garden and what you’re excited about planting for flower sounds
good all right thanks so much for watching guys we’ll see you later video

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  24. The colors of your harvest are gorgeous, and I'm sure they'll be as tasty as they are beautiful! Thanks for taking us along.

  25. I'm so sorry about your grapes! Your videos are a great source of enjoyment for me and my family. Don't give up on the grapes! I'm sure you'll crack the code next season!

  26. The red okra is a skinny variety so it's okay if it gets a little long, it wont get as tough as a more short variety. I like them lightly dusted in flour and garlic salt and shallow pan fry.

  27. If Cayenne pepper is a super hot then I am god. For us super hot pepper growers and also in general Cayenne can not be clasified as super hot.

  28. you need to check okra daily. They grow rapidly. You do want to get them on the smaller side. My family in the south slices them up, tosses in corn meal and fries them. Not healthy but ohhhh so good. You can eat them raw also.

  29. looking for comments from grape growers! I put nets over mine this year. Birds got every grape i had despite my efforts. I've tried fake snakes and did get a few to eat last year when i did that.

  30. Love your videos!! We call okra ( bamia ) in Cyprus and you can saute them with olive oil onions garlic and finish it off with grated tomatos ( you harvested plenty lucky you!!) and veg stock and your spices of choice of course! ๐Ÿ’š

  31. Hi kim, cameraguy and new camera guy.. Hahaha

    Okra, one of the common veges in Malaysia. We cooked with fish and some gravy.. We called 'Singgang ikan' or fish singgang… So delicious.. Maybe u can try because it is easy to cook..

    Another way to eat by cook the okra in the water and dip in anchovies sauce which we called 'budu'.. Popular sauce in Kelantan, Malaysia.

    One more, okra we put in curry as side hero in curry.. Some people love to put in 'Asam Pedas'..

    Congrats because u've successfully plant this okra.. Maybe u can try the green one, and the shorter cute…

    I've so fun to watch your channel and have been followed u since last year with the Hafi Waa channel.. (remember me? Hahaha)
    Good luck kim.. Who is the new camera guy..?

  32. Great harvest as always Kim, your strawberries are usually my fav can't wait to try growing my own. Sorry about the grapes๐Ÿ‡ I know you were really looking forward to harvesting those. Is it possible that the shade cloth was left on too long & enough air wasn't getting under?

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