Organic Tea Compost From Waste Of Tea Leaves

Every Kitchen gives some organic waste Do you ever thought a idea to convert this waste into a good organic compost I am going to show how you can convert in this video. For promoting organic gardening please share this video to all social media Hello friends welcome to this channel In today’s video I will show how you can also convert organic waste into compost Our home produces many types of organic waste; main thing among them is tea leaves Maybe you take tea in morning, noon, evening or even more We simply throw tea leaves after making tea Today I will show an method to make good compost from that tea leaves waste And you can easily use that organic fertilizer in your organic garden For making compost from tea waste you have to collect tea remains of all day Collect it in a container; keep collecting the container gets filled. May be collection of waste need some time, filling of container depends on the quantity of tea waste When the container gets completely filled. keep the container for few days Spray some water in between let the microorganism works into it In few days tea waste turns into organic compost then you can easily use that compost in your garden Application of this compost helps in good health of plants And the taste of harvested vegetable and fruits will be sweeter After watching this video start collecting tea leaves waste into a container When the container filled with tea waste converts into a compost you can easily use that compost fertilizer in your organic garden How was the video? Like this video For promoting organic gardening in homes please share this video to all social media Subscribe this channel as every week a new video is posted here By subscribing you will get new video directly whenever posted. Subscribing is totally free Therefore subscribe without hesitation See you again in a new video with new information till then do organic gardening at your home plant good vegetables, eat and enjoy organic gardening

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