Organic Vegetable Farming- ജൈവ പച്ചക്കറി കൃഷി

“Abhayam” is an organization undertaking an organic cultivation method with an aim of providing at least a day’s food to the deprived sections of the society & Krishnan is the man who ably leads it from the forefront. We undertook vegetable farming from the beginning. Abhayam was started in 1988. In 1987 itself, Abhayam bought 2 acres of land. Abhayam started off with vegetable farming and also tuber crops like Chinese potato, Elephant yam, Taro root, Banana plantain etc. We were able to cultivate these really well. Initially, we started banana farming here as an experimental centre/ adoption centre/ model farm of the Krishi Vinjana Kendra. Later without any of these aids, many varieties of banana rhizomes were brought from Kannara Banana Research Station. Currently, we have around 25 different types of banana plantains. We cultivate these in an organic way without using any chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We use leaves, desi cow’s urine and cow dung. Ivy gourd and long broad beans are grown beautifully. Where else can we find so many varieties of Colocasia growing with so much vigour other than at Abhayam? The growth of Mango ginger and Arrowroot plants prove to us, the goodness of organic manure. Another noteworthy sight is the lady’s finger cultivation at Abhayam. Various varieties of lady’s finger plants can be seen at Abhayam. Corn, cultivated among the lady’s finger plants is another delightful sight at the farm. Recently a farmer from Ponnani, Ajish Puthupala gave various types of seeds of Ash gourd and Cucumber. Since Abhayam is a social organisation there are many such engagements and interventions from various farmers and social workers. This is certainly helping and nurturing the farming activities here. At Abhayam, we follow a food habit which is closely knit to nature. We do not consume processed food items like tea, coffee, chilly, maida, sugar, tamarind which are used normally in most of the households. There is also a collection of various varieties of Brinjal and Banana plantains. Tuber varieties of Tapioca and Arrowroot show an exceptional growth. One can be assured that Abhayam paves the right way towards a healthy living!

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