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Hi I’m Brad Wolfe with Organo-Lawn and
today we’re going to learn about Synergy with corn gluten meal. Synergy is a
special formula manufactured specifically for Organo-Lawn,
that is a one hundred percent organic pre-emergent weed control and fertilizer
both. It is made from corn gluten meal, sulphate of potash, and bone meal. Synergy
is made from only edible ingredients and it is considered non-toxic to people,
pets, and the environment. Organo-Lawn uses only the highest grade of corn
gluten meal and we use sugar to bond the corn gluten meal together, which allows
us to have very small and round granules. These sphere-shaped granules will start
working quickly after the lawn has been watered or natural moisture is provided
from Mother Nature. Synergy will spread more evenly and begin to work faster in
the soil compared to other corn gluten meal products on the market. Corn gluten
meal is a byproduct of the corn syrup production and people have been using it
as a pre-emergent weed control for over 20 years.
If Synergy is applied at 20 pounds per thousand square feet and it is applied
at the correct time of year then Synergy will prevent weed seeds from germinating
properly. It’s important to understand that corn gluten meal will only prevent
weed seeds from germinating properly and it will not prevent perennial weeds or
biennial weeds from germinating. That are coming up from an established root
system, because corn gluten meal only prevents weed seeds from germinating. We
expect to see around a 60% reduction in weeds after the first application. If
Synergy is applied both spring and fall we will see a 70% reduction in weeds the
second year, an 80% reduction in weeds the third year, and a 90% or more
reduction in weeds every year after that. A spring application of Synergy is a
great foundation for the lawn for the year. The reason for this is because
Synergy is the best fertilizer on the market! This includes both chemical
fertilizers and organic fertilizers. The organic fertilizer in Synergy is a
hundred percent slow release. Which means it slowly feeds the grass,
produces a long-lasting green color, and it will also stimulate beneficial
microbial activity in the soil. Synergy is comprised of all slow-release organic
nitrogen sources and it cannot burn the lawn even if it is applied at five times
the recommended rate. Later in the year, if perennial weeds like dandelions
germinate we recommend using One Earth Weed
Control as a post emergent weed control to kill these weeds. Using our
all-natural weed controls and fertilizers, proper lawn watering using
the 1,2,3,2,1 lawn watering technique, and proper lawn mowing will
result in a beautiful chemical-free lawn that only Organo-Lawn can produce. To
learn more lawn care tips or to learn about Synergy with corn gluten meal
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