Organic Whey: It all starts with the soil

– [Narrator] Organic whey protein. It all starts with the soil, a process that can take
three years to get right. To ensure the soil that grows the grass is free from any harmful chemicals. When you get your roots right, everything else works as nature intended. Grass blossoms in abundance
to feed the organic cows. The same cows that make the milk that is used to make our organic whey. These organic cows graze
in organic grassy fields all year round. They are never treated with hormones or antibiotics, they
just don’t need to be. Made in Australia using New Zealand organic dairy, our organic whey protein is deliciously creamy, your perfect partner to achieve your health and fitness goals. Truly grass fed without
chemicals or hormones, as nature intended. Proganics, certified organic whey. The honest whey.

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