Orokolo Compost Toilets

My Name is Manu
I come from Orokolo where it is in Ihu district, Gulf Province. I am a CHW working here in Kapuna I live along the coast my village located along the coast
and it is in Orokolo Bay I got 7 villages along the bay and laslty we went out for the toilet compost toilet we went into the village like that evening we started off
and people heard about it to see how the toilet was like
and they really where asking questions how it’s function and how it’s like and the news
spread around saying the team from Kapuna came,
they are building different
type of toilet which is really usefull here
we think it’s good for us to use like our children, female, even males to use
in bad weathers, this is really good toilet we can use we didn’t complete the toilet but they came already requesting for it
while you guys where constucting on it they where asking can you build mine now and I said, no I don’t have time we only build samples to see if you really want it. So many years
we have been struggling how to use our waste disposal pig usually eat our waste and then
we eat the pig cycle goes round having diereha problems waterborn disiease some of the fathers suspecting that the females been raped and, just due to toilet
problem, night like they go out in the bush go out the beach for toilet use they have been
raped. Some violence happenend out there. They where like come in concearn for that
and asked, we really need this toilet project and we really need toilets. Everyone need’s it own toilet

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