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Osmosis. The movement of water molecules through a selectively permeable membrane from a region of high water concentration to low water concentration is called osmosis. I am hungry. Let us understand osmosis by taking some raisins. Raisins. Put some raisins in water. Raisins swell, indicating that they have absorbed water. Rewind. There was low water concentration inside the raisins. Before. After. As a result, they absorbed water and swelled. Such a solution where there is higher water concentration outside the cell is called a hypotonic solution. I do not like raisins. Let us place these raisins in sugar syrup. There is higher water concentration inside the raisins as compared to the sugar syrup. Water passes out from the raisins to the sugar syrup. Such a solution where there is lower water concentration outside the cell is called a hypertonic solution. The End.

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  2. In this video the defination of osmosis is wrong please search it in google
    Please search what is the actual meaning of osmosis you will understand osmosi.
    Nothing is more important than your goal.

  3. osmosis is a movement from low concerntration to a higher concerntration right?? its give that on google!!

  4. First time in my life i understood OSMOSIS clearly….


  5. How u make the video like that plz tell me plz plz plz….. 😘😘😘 Ur video r fantastic

  6. Osmosis is the movement of solvent molecules from low concentrated sollution to high concentrated solution through a semi permeable membrane..right?

  7. the osmosis process is low to hight na in that

    and the process of diffusion is high to low

    than we u told in that video that water is high concentration why that wrong

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