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Meet George. “Okay.” He’s the CEO of Organic Valley. This is George’s office. These are George’s turtles, his cranes. This is a check George got for six cents. These are George’s shoeless feet. (Laughs) “I’ve got a reputation to maintain” Back in 1988 George was a young, idealistic
farmer who was tired of how food was grown with toxic
chemicals and the way that farmers were being treated, and he was saying radical stuff, like: “I think that it’s real important for the consumers
to awaken now and realize all their purchases are actually
directives being given to the industries.” “That’s pretty whacky.” So George and six neighbor farmers started
a co-op. Which means the farmers would own and run
the company, and not the other way around. “Yeah, it’s a real important thing.” And this is what George thinks about why this
crazy idea he started thirty years ago still matters for you and your family. “Organics taste better, is better, and organics is a path to save family farms. Organic Valley is all about supporting that.” Thanks George. “Thanks a lot, hope you get what you want.” Call us crazy, but it’s working.

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  1. "George Siemon is a long-haired former hippie, who flies coach, drives a hybrid and still rarely wears shoes." George Semen is "exactly who you’d expect at the helm of a billion dollar food company."

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