We about to go get some of that good stuff for our fall garden planting. About to get some good old chicken manure compost chicken manure and peanut holes. I tell you it’s nice to have friends who have chicken farms You can get really good stuff to put in your garden and help feed those plants we’ve got four big scoops on the dump truck here of this chicken litter compost kind of stuff and This is what we’re going to put out for our fall garden We’re going to put it In one of these plots in the dream garden to start off the first plot that we’re going to plant for our fall garden We’re going to put some in here rake it out Smooth it out, till it in, and we’ll be ready to plant really soon If this is your first time finding our channel Welcome go ahead and hit that subscribe button and that bell button below So you get notified every time we come out with a new video if you’re a regular viewer of our channel It’s always good to have you back So this is what I like to call chicken manure compost. It’s basically what they scrape out of the chicken houses So it’s chicken manure it’s also got some broken down peanut holes in there which help to kind of condition the soil and Then you see it’s also got a lot of feathers in it there too. This stuff is nice and Relatively dry and broken down and it just spreads well in the garden tills in really well and it’s just some really good stuff. We’ve been using this stuff for many many years and it never never disappoints Always good stuff for the garden Especially for some fall crops like we’re going to plant things like cabbage and broccoli and cauliflower That can be Fairly heavy feeders. So when we add this stuff We don’t have to supply as much liquid fertilizer or granular fertilizer cause this stuff right here feeds it really well Another good thing. I like about this stuff is that it’s free of any bacteria or anything like that So as I was talking to my buddy what they do in the chicken houses before they scrape this stuff out is they actually windrow it so they build it up in little piles there and they let it go into a heat and that kills all the Clostridium the Salmonella any of that bad bacteria that may be in there and gets it nice and sterile and clean And then they go scrape it out and put it in the stack house and then we can swing by And get us a load so that we don’t have to worry about Waiting for an extended period of time before we plant with this stuff we can put it out in the garden Till it in and plant pretty soon thereafter. So these two plots right here are going to be the first two plots I plant As far as fall gardening goes we’ve got this one over here That I’ve already came in and tilled one time. This is where I had the millet tilled up really nicely and we’re gonna put this Compost or this chicken manure down till it in one more time, and we’ll be ready to plant in just a few days this guy over here is where I had that Sorghum Sudangrass that I mowed down and I watered it in a little bit after I mowed it down because the soil was pretty dry and I came in here with a tiller And tilled it and then laid the tarp on it to kill any of those remaining weed seeds So we’ll pull this tarp off and we’ll put some of this good stuff down on this plot as well now our old truck here does have a dump bed on it and We can usually just dump this stuff out, but I don’t want to put all this on this plot here And I’m worried if I raise that dump bed it’s all going to come off at one time So what I’m gonna do is I’m going to get up there with a shovel and just push off a little pile Just what I need for this plot here And then I’ll do that with the other plot and then I’ll put the rest in my compost bin Alright, so we got a nice good spread there of our chicken manure on this plot here But we still need to come in and till this in a little bit you can see there’s a few chunks of stuff in there and We don’t till it in our drip tape layer ain’t gonna work real good with all that chunky stuff in there. So Will till it in and incorporate it into the soil and then we’ll be good to go. Now if you’ve watched some of my older videos You’ve probably seen me talk about something called the fad system and the fad stands for furrow amend and Drip so a lot of times we don’t put compost on the entire plot like we did here we just put it Right there in the furrow where we’re going to put our drip tape because we’re just wanting to feed those plants This is a special exception for a couple reasons So first reason is this is fairly new garden area here and it needs a little help So we’re going to go ahead and amend and condition that entire plot there to help out with the soil workability and some of the nutrient deficiencies we may have Being it’s a new plot. The second thing is with these fall crops My rows are really close together. There like two to three feet apart and so I might as well Go ahead and compost the whole thing because my rows are gonna be so close together that it really won’t matter things like cabbage, beets broccoli, cauliflower I’m all gonna plant those on three-foot rows so when your rows are going to be really close together like this you might as well just do the whole spot. If you’re doing something like Squash or watermelons or pumpkins you might want to use that fad system and just compost Where your plants or your seeds are going. Now it’s hot as all get out here in the middle of the day like it is Now so instead of tilling this up right now. I’m gonna wait till later this afternoon When it cools off a little bit and then work it up now for the rest of this stuff we’re gonna dump it in our compost bin that way we can just grab a wheelbarrow and Use it as we need it as we start to develop more plots and plant more stuff for fall. So this is my compost bin here where I dump my compost and I know it’s not ideal for everybody. But it really works good to have a concrete slab there that you put your compost on it just makes it really easy to grab a shovel and Scrape it all up clean it all out when you need to. Now I didn’t pour this concrete pad just for this purpose My father-in-law that lived here used to have a dog pen here And so we removed the dog pen and I just built those panels around it to kind of hold everything in. So this works pretty good and hold our compost so we can come scrape out what we need Put it in the wheelbarrow take a look at this poor little pitiful rain gauge right here. This baby’s starving It hasn’t seen anything in over a month It’s just thirsty as it can be. So that there should be plenty enough to at least get me through Three or four of those 30 by 35 plots in my dream garden this fall and I don’t know if I’ve got enough here For when I get ready to plant onions in November probably have to go see my buddy and get another load for those onions Which like this stuff a lot, too. I usually like to keep this stuff covered and you can see I’ve got a tarp right there I’ll put that tarp on it before any rains come but we don’t have any rains coming anytime soon So I’ll probably leave it off as I’ll be using it here in the next few days But I like to put that tarp on it just to keep it dry. It doesn’t get all wet and sticky when it’s dry It’s a lot easier to shovel and a lot easier to spread in the garden. So even though it’s still blazing hot here We’re about to plant some fall crops. I’ve got stuff in the greenhouse that just got to be planted It’s ready to go in the ground. You know it was 101 degrees here yesterday, but just hoping with that drip tape I can keep it Surviving along till it cools off a little bit. Let me know how your fall gardens are coming along Let me know what you use for a soil amendment. Maybe you have a Access to some really good compost We don’t really have that here. And if we did find some it’s usually pretty expensive where this stuff right here Doesn’t cost me a dime. So let me know how you amend your soil before you plant it I’d be glad to answer any questions you have about this stuff right here or how we get our fall garden ready. Hope you guys enjoyed this video. We’ll see you next time.


  1. How do I know when my sweet potatoes are ready? I'm in your zone and planted about the same time you did.

  2. Hey, Travis! There is a mushroom farm in Zellwood, FL that's about 45 minutes away from here – They sell mushroom compost for $10.00 per front-end loader scoop. When I first started my garden, I would hire a man with a heavy-duty truck each Fall and till the whole thing into my garden. Three years ago, I got some hens and a Mantis ComposTumbler, a totally contained unit, and make my own compost. That composter is a workhorse! It holds 18 bushels of material for composting, and it's actually possible to have finished compost in about a month (They say 14 days, but I'm not that good at it). Between the chicken litter and the yard trimmings (I don't use pesticides on my lawn anymore for about 7 years now), it makes some awesome compost! I've been using that for my soil amendments, and it's worked out well. So far, my Fall garden is progressing nicely. I may have jumped the gun, but it's been in the high 80's/low 90's here, so I planted my beets and collards. I already have bush beans, pole beans, squash and cucumbers up in the garden. Everything is planted on drip tape this year, and I'm so glad I did it that way. I'd never be able to keep the garden watered with just overhead watering! The sun has been fierce – It just seems like it's hotter. I water for about 30 minutes mid-morning and I've been turning on the system and cooling off the plants in the afternoon. If I just water in the morning for an hour, when the sun hits directly, the plants wilt! By watering again in the afternoon, it seems to put less stress on the young plants.

  3. hey Travis your fingers are going to grow an inch now lol. I wish we had some chicken house in north florida they all shut down nice video

  4. You are fortunate that you have that compost available. I make my own vermicompost. It's a great way to discard kitchen waste and I get beautiful black enriched soil. We don't treat our lawn with chemicals so I use lawn clippings as a base then add other non diseased garden plants. I highly recommend others do it. I'm using discarded washing machine tubs and various other discarded containers. It's really easy and great for my garden.☺🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

  5. I’m probably as dry as you and I was in the same boat. I had transplants that just needed to go into the ground. I supplemented with hand watering the first week/week and half. By then the transplant roots we're able to reach the drip line. Good luck, because it’s dry as snuff out there…

  6. That was a great video. That chicken manure is great high nitrogen stuff, you are blessed to have access to that! For me fall is a time when I clean up the garden for winter, no more planting (except garlic). In my small garden I can easily make enough compost to cover all the beds, I cover them right at the end of the season and till in the compost in the spring before I plant.


  7. We have chickens and put manure on garden and return get plenty of weed seeds to. Do you guys have this problem or does the plastic take care of it?

  8. It is still hot and dry here in Tn. Friday temps are suppose to fall and by this time next week high about 70 and a low of 45. Sounds good, but Still not a good chance of rain in the forecast.

  9. Travis even though it's dry around there sure you have it looking good!
    I'm glad you have a sure and safe source of compost As for the rest of us I was wondering how long we should pyle and compost manure and at what temperature to kill off any pathogens that may be present in the manure ?
    What would be a good way to test the compost. To make sure it's clean ?

  10. How do you check for the presence of persistent herbicides, pathogens and other contaminants in your compost ? What methods do you use to test out sorced compost?

  11. Dad gets coffee grounds from a shop in town every week. Sometimes near 100 pounds worth. Neighbor across the street has a couple horses but it's way too hot to bother still. Likewise have a number of chickens but waiting for cooler weather. Last fall piled up a bunch of leaves from around the property in the garden and chopped them up with the push mower. Hoping to get leaves from friends and family this year. Been trying to get some cotton gin trash to fill some raised beds. That stuff is amazing, barring some weed seed and unfortunately residual pesticides but hey it will vastly improve sandy soil. Best Irish potatoes I ever grew was in a mound of gin trash.

  12. I'd say you're about ready to go! Man, that stake bed dump is the ticket! Got my order Monday, so shallots and elephant garlic are on standby until later in October. I'm not planting another thing until we get some rain! I never even started my usual brassicas because of the weather. Reckon I'll just sow some collards and turnips and make do! It sure does my heart good to see those tarps in action! That's the M&M plot you're working on now….millet and manure! Enjoyed seeing the prep work!

  13. Do you have any problem with heavy metals in your poultry manure? Zinc,copper etc … her in se nc it can be a problem.

  14. I remember putting chicken manure on our garden as a kid and it produced so much that we couldn’t give enough away after canning, the chicken manure is the way to go but there isn’t any more chicken houses locally here in Bradford county fl anymore since Tyson pulled contracts about 10 years ago😢.

  15. i did a side by side grow of your corn and tractor supply corn,wow wasnt even comparable,got 12 in long ears of corn from yours and tractor supply not a single cob,really,what i amend my soil with is gypsum,triple phosphrus,baysalt and potash,all 6 to 8in deep under plants,first stand in it and your gear rocked,i lost first 2 sets to corn worms and ear wigs,the last stand with your corn put food on the table,i be getting back for more soon thanks for the vids,if you decide to try the way i amend,do it and give 6 months for full potential,with the potash and phosphrus plus gypsum ,i pretty sure im right at 65% saturation exchange for calcium to magnesium ,trick to keeping it from leaching off in rain ,dont know if i remember what it even smells like,is to till in deep and corn will blast of and green up when it gets there,a good green up,thick strong stalks

  16. Travis don't feel alone, I got one of them pitiful looking rain gauges too. Its only had 1.5" of rain the last three months in my part of Texas, God willing we'll get some soon so we can get some vegetables in the garden.

  17. Travis your dad looks like your older brother. You are the spitting image of him.

    I recieved my order promptly and the shipping charge was very reasonable.

    I need a instrument that lightly tills the top soil, not a tiller but something along the lines of your wheel hoe, but with tines. Travis you are pretty smart, design something along those lines and I bet you can sell them like hot cakes. I want mostly undisturbed soil except to loosen it up and keep it from compacting.

  18. Good stuff there Trav, chicken manure is definitely the way to go, Hey, could you do a video on planting those blackberry bushes you were talking about the other day. I'm going to start a new area of nothing but blackberries and wanted a few tips. Thanks.

  19. When the key was turned in the ignition I heard a small tune that made me think you were heading out ice-cream truck.

  20. That intro would of been super funny if ya loosened a battery cable first. "And we go to get some manure" CLICK 😂

  21. I get free Starbucks coffee, nitrogen. I should unload my car this morning. We have had trickles of rain up north in PA but no down pours:-( There are many brown things in the yard to cut down. They are nice and dry so they will make a nice cutting. I compost a lot in place.

  22. Great videos brother!
    I appreciate all the great advice.
    I got my first fall garden started after subscribing to your channel.
    I just realized I’m only an hour away from you. I’m in Albany.
    Keep up the great work!
    Peace and blessings

  23. Hi Travis I like the full coverage that you gave your plot . what is the math your useing to figure out how many cubic yards that you need per 1000 square foot at 4 in deep ?

  24. Now you have me wanting to check and see what I can get a hold of….plenty of commercial chicken farms around here. Always great videos!

  25. If it don't rain there will be no fall garden.. It's rough over here in Stilson GA.. I think we need to come together as a community and pray for some rain…

  26. This doesnt look that well broken down enough. Usually I let it sit a year and water it. You did explain that it has heated up. Have you ever watered it down to see if it will heat up again?

  27. Just be careful that you dont get the GMO stuff with the peanuts that are sprayed with Glyphosate aka Roundup. If it has that then you arent getting better produce than you would be getting at the grocery store. My sister sprayed Roundup on her garden to kill weeds. I told her to call Monsanto and ask how long before her garden could grow veggies again and they said a minimum of 2 years. Just a thought. Great video.

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