Overlooked back garden design tips

Good morning this is garden Ninja and today I’m up
in Bolton and we’re doing an overlooked back garden makeover and this is based
on one of the designs that I did earlier this year so gonna be showing you some
tips and tricks to how to get that perfect secluded garden even if you’ve
got loads of neighbors that might be peering over your garden fence! So here
was the garden before the design transformation there was a strange
coffin-shaped lawn random pick and mix shrubs and odd raised bed and angled the
back had no storage nowhere to sit and was overlooked about least six different
windows it was quite a challenge the garden was also really small and small
gardens can be quite tricky to design because you’ve not got as much space so
you have to do a few things really well so my design focused on a using circular
lawn and soft drifts of pink and white plants there was also a path that went
across the lawn leading to a shed for storage I also chose to standard Photinia
trees to block the views from different windows rather than simply putting up a
fence or a hedge this kept a light airy feel to the garden whilst also bringing the feeling of privacy so all the plants have now arrived and
I’m going to start positioning them based on the design so you’ve got a mixture of
low-maintenance shrubs we’ve got plants that like shade, dappled
shade but we’ve kept it to a really simple palette so there’ll be lots of
drifts of different color not too much fuss so hopefully it should look good
all year round without too much attention. We have a few of the plants
that we’ll be featuring in the garden the first one here is Astrantia major it
which will go in dappled shade or sun you then have some Asters at the back. It will give a carpet of white daisies. Then Hellebores here that love shade. I’ve introduced some Skimmia japonica and Weigela into the garden to give some year-round interest and structure so all
the herbaceous perennials die down they will still give that design feel to the
garden. So the sheds now been fitted behind us which gives a really nice
screen for these plants down here and one of the top tips I have with sheds is
that usually people tend to put them door face on so facing the door take it
quite a long part of the garden this example I’ll show you now you just put
it round the door is on the side and that saves loads of room and also means
that you can fit many more plants it as we can see down here and also as I said
that shed wall that acts as a really nice foil for this Acer down here. So it’s
important to work out the color palette in the garden. So with this example we’re going for quite a simple color palette of pinks
and white so they’re going to blend together throughout the garden so it’s
really easy to think well I’ll just go and get loads of different plants like
the top 40 of plants what’s key is paring back the amount of plants that
you have in the different varieties so in this garden probably only working
between ten and twelve different plant varieties and using them in bulk weaving
them throughout the garden to give consistency so whilst it may feel like
you’re not putting as much in in terms of variety you’re actually getting a
much bigger effect and more impact just really keen a small garden because
you’ve only got a small amount of space you want to make the most of it
so do one thing well rather than lots of things poorly I’ll show you that a bit later on.
So we’re now at this back corner that’s really shady and quite dry so I’ve
picked plants that will work really well in these conditions as this bank runs
down that it does get quite damp is it slightly clay at the bottom in terms of
the soil so you’ve got things like Dicentra which works really well in wet
and damp conditions we’ve got some beautiful Hellebores which will bring
some winter colour we’ve got Liriope as well that’s really
tough well pretty much grow anywhere and gives Autumn bursts of little little
petals on the top of it as well so these should work really well in this area of
the garden here’s a really good example of taking one color and drifting it
through the garden for consistency so you’ve got this limey green Choisya here we’ve got Skimmia japonica which again is like a dark green with
red berries and that offsets against that Alchemilla mollis with
these limey other flowers again I’ve got the Weilega at the back with the small pink flowers and the variegation then got the Geraniums with the pink flowers the
Astrantia here you get my drift!! it’s all coming through this border the
same colour different hues of green glossy versus matte and then the pink
and the whites here we have it the finished article
we’ve got the standard Photinias to help block out some of the views and
that planting palette of soft pinks and whites with a mix of evergreen shrubs
and low fuss herbaceous perennials which over time will knit together to
form a carpet around the lawn with those beautiful whites and pinks. So I’ve just finish the overlooked garden
design now and I’m really excited about this one using the standard trees that
you’ll see in the background the Photinias we’ve managed to break up some of the views from the neighboring properties and this broken view gives
you the feeling of being private but actually it’s quite open the use of a
circular lawn also means it draws attention into the center of the garden
and I’ve coupled this with a really dreamy pink and white plants and color
palettes and some repetition in the planting there’s hardly any dramatic
plants here it’s all soft stuff that blends together some evergreen some
shrubs things that will blend grow together in sort of a carpet and
mass of calm so it’s all about feeling secure and nested in this garden and I
think we’ve achieved that if you’ve liked this video why not subscribe to my
youtube channel you can check out more garden designs of how to. I’ve been Garden Ninja thanks for watching.

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  1. Wow! I love the way you break your designs down and explain the concepts behind them. You have amazing talent.

  2. Enjoyed the video. Great tip about the shed. I will use this for a mini greenhouse I plan to install in my backyard. Ty!

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