Overwhelmed after Garden Clean Up – But Replanting!

hi everyone oh you guys saw in our video
yesterday how the garden was really really took a beating from the Santa Ana
winds and honestly I’ve exhausted Jerry and I have been out here all day just
cleaning up the conclusion I’ve come to is that I’ve got to start over there was
just so much damage from the plants I pretty much pulled out almost everything
over on the hill here just about all the zucchini pulled out all my scarlet
runner beans I debated on the cucumbers but I didn’t have the heart to pull him
out because there’s some little baby cucumbers coming on I’m feeling a little
bit overwhelmed but honestly I’m a little bit excited to the thought that I
can plant something new on also really excites me this is pretty much the only
part of the garden I got to today still have all the rest of it to clean up I
have some plans to replant but it’s also a lot of work as you guys all know I’ve
heard from a lot of you that you already have snow on the ground we’ve got a lot
of sunshine here in California coming along the wintertime and I’d love for
you to follow along stay warm with us here on our channel see how we replant
the garden I can’t wait to see how it’s gonna look behind me here in a couple of
months join us we look forward to it let me know in the comments if you can
relate in any way thanks for watching

25 thoughts on “Overwhelmed after Garden Clean Up – But Replanting!

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    Follow along with us in the replanting process  – there’s plenty of sunshine to go around here in So Cal to keep you warm in the winter no matter where you live! Thanks for watching!

  2. I’m in Michigan, Frost tonight & we are pulling out plants that won’t make it & planting winter seeds 👩🏾‍🌾❄️🥕🥦😁

  3. My garden is dead. Snowstorm and freezing temps went down to 15 and wiped it out. Will be watching you because of warm weather. Lol I watch you all year. Got to have gardening even when I can't. 🙂 ❤

  4. Still warm ( hot some days ) in central Georgia , but I already find myself looking ahead to next years garden and what I will do differently . Being our first whole year in this house Im still learning where the best sunlight is at and where to plant things for the greatest exposure .
    I harvested more than I thought I would , but next year's garden will be so much better for the knowledge I gained.

  5. I mean there is some sunshine where I live but we expect a heavy rain coming soon in the begining of December

  6. Man, Kim. I'm sorry you guys experienced that setback. It is really lousy losing a plant for any reason, and a total bummer when it's a significant swatch of your garden/orchard. Grateful we were spared the expected crazy winds in Rancho Cucamonga.

  7. I'm sure it's not easy to keep positive, but you are inspiring us more than you know with your optimism in the face of devastation. Hugs to you and Camera Guy.

  8. Oh no. Sorry to hear you lost most of your garden. But glad 2c that positive attitude of yours. Onward!!! .. Also, stay safe from those fires. Be well.

  9. I can relate. I have a mess. But I did get my tulip bulbs planted and some pansies. IN VA HAMPTON ROADS. ITS STILL WARM.

  10. My garden took a hit during TS Imelda a little over 3 weeks ago. We received 30 inches of rain in 5 days (September 16-20), 18 inches in 24 hours (September 18-19). It ruined so much hard work. It's tough rebuilding beds and replanting for the cooler months ahead. Good luck in your rebuilding as well.

  11. Hi Kim!
    Are all of your seeds GMO Free? I have bought a lot of them and I an not seeing Organic on any of them, just some have the Heirloom beside there names. I am looking to ONLY have an organic and GMO free garden, this means NOTHING from the store will ever be planted in my garden. Please let me know, if these are not organic, do you allow returns?

  12. Sorry for the winds. Looks like a hurricane passed through your garden. I am glad we do not have to deal with wind here. Heat, drought, and a plague of insects have totally decimated my fall garden. We are now getting some much needed rain. I will replant everything soon in the hopes cooler weather will come along and slow the pest onslaught. Over the last several seasons I had reduced my use of pesticides in order to protect bees and beneficials. Now that I have bees I had completely stopped their use. It seems I have no choice but to return to using the few that can be used, and perhaps mechanical barriers.

  13. I'm in southeastern NC, every fall now a hurricane comes close to our area and the winds and rain usually destroy our gardens here. So I do know how you feel. Replant time! 🙂

  14. A fresh start may of course open the door to an adventure of new planting schemes too Kim. Such a rich potential of video possibilities as both of you have the time. Is there a chapter in your book "The Santa Ana Winds" or something to that effect? Back into the 70s by Thursday up this way. End of season cleanup. Looking forward to your warmer winter adventures. -Bob…

  15. I will pull out the kabocha squash because it have brown leaves and die ing and have dieases like powdery mildew and root rot and yellow leaves and i will pull out a lot of grass.

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