PBS Hawaii – HIKI NŌ Episode 305 | Kainalu Elementary School | Saved by a Friend

We have a true story that really happened
at Kainalu Elementary during recess. What would you do if your friend was in trouble
and needed help? Here’s the story of a couple of friends who
experienced a breathtaking event, literally. Let’s meet Sam and Owen. Well, during recess, I was eating my snack.
And so my snack was a chicken sandwich. On the
sandwich, I had lettuce on it, and when I chewed the lettuce, I didn’t chew it very
well. And then it ended up getting stuck in my throat.
And when it got stuck in my throat, I started to
choke. Then, I ran over to the grass and my eyesight got very, very blurry, and all I
could see was some green blur. And then, all of a sudden,
somebody came over to me and started doing the Heimlich Maneuver on me, and then I choked
out the lettuce. I saw Sam choking, so I ran over there. And
I remembered the four B’s, which is one of the Cub
Scout rules, which is be strong, be calm, be clear, and be careful, from one of the
activity badges that I learned about. So, when I went over
there, using the four B’s, I was able to perform the
Heimlich Maneuver effectively and perfectly. We had been discussing the terms literally
and figuratively at home. And he came home from
school the day that it happened and said, Mom, I literally saved someone’s life today.
And I thought, Well, okay. I thought he may have
been exaggerating. But as his story progressed, and
he described what he had done for Sam, I realized that this actually happened. Well, I got this award for saving Sam’s life,
and it’s very important to me because it came from
the commanding officer. And I’m very grateful that I learned all my Cub Scout skills so
I could get this award. Well, because of that heroic action that he
made, I think that he really, really deserved to get
that. I mean, if he didn’t save me, then what would he do? He would probably feel like a
failure. I think it’s really neat for all of us to
know that a child as young as that can perform a lifesaving
maneuver. So, after that, I felt that I needed to join
Cub Scouts, because I could learn other lifesaving moves to save other people, like family and
friends, and situations during recess. Being saved by a friend is something that
changed both of their lives forever. Now, Sam and
Owen are the best of friends. I’m Sophie. And I’m Erin. Reporting for HIKI NŌ. For Kainalu Elementary School.

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