PBS Hawaii – HIKI NŌ Episode 606 | Ewa Makai Middle School | Compost

If you need help growing your plants, then
these are three quick steps on making earth worm compost. Step 1: Get about three pounds of worms. If
the worms are slimy, that means they’re healthy. Step 2: The bin you’ve got should have a divider
covered in holes. Put your worms in your bin on one
side of the divider. Then, fill your compost bin with dirt. Step 3: Place your worm food on the side with
the worms. The worm food cannot be citrus, have bones,
or be meat. Cut-up fruits and vegetables are best for the worms to eat. Finally, cover
the worm food with shredded paper, and then heavily water the
whole thing. This is Taesia Keomoungkhoune from Ewa Makai
Middle School, for HIKI NŌ

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