Phil in Fields: How Organic Farming Minimizes Erosion

Hi, I’m Phil Forbes, the farm liaison
for Kalona SuperNatural. This week, we are continuing with our interview with one of our Amish farmers, Eldon T. Miller. Listen in to our audio interview to learn about how organic farming minimizes erosion. We don’t have too much erosion take place on our farm because of the humus level in our soil. And so the rain will penetrate, it absorbs rain, the soil absorbs moisture than it clings together and it doesn’t erode very easily at all. We see a difference if we get a heavy rain on our land versus our neighbor down the road that’s been a chemical farmer for years and years. He’s got some fine silt that ends up riding with the water and away she goes. And it goes down into the draw and into the grass and beyond.

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