Phil in the Fields: Family Farming

We are blessed today to work with several small Amish and Mennonite organic farmers. This past fall, I had a chance to interview one of them, Eldon T. Miller. To respect his lifestyle, this was an audio interview. Tune in to learn a bit about his family farm and how the next generation is following the organic farming methods. Eldon:
With the organic farming and the markets that were developed at the time, was a way that we could stay together on the farm and the boys could stay at home and help me on the farm. We would add at little more to the farm so we could all stay together here. And the same thing was done throughout the whole community as it kept growing. And then the boys, the two oldest boys, that farm on the next farm behind us, They’ve got about 40 cows over there, and our farming is all being done together.

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