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Video Presentation AGR521 SOIL FERTILITY Muhammad Amirul Ariff (2016535241) Muhammad Shahrin Razali (2016552571) Fakrul Irwan Nafi (2016218712) Phosphorus (P) is an essential nutrient for all forms of terrestrial life & is one of the 17 chemical elements known to be required for plant growth P is mobile and translocate from older to newly developing tissue Thus, Phosphorus deficiency have affect at early growth stage responses, seed development and crop maturity. Function Phosphorus in the plant Storage energy and transfer in plant biochemical process Essential elements of DNA and also RNA Improve the plant performance and also the formation process of ATP.
Phosphorus fertilizer use efficiency in agricultural soils can Be enhanced or reduced by a producer’s choice of fertilizer placement, timing, and rate. Proper management of P fertilizer, manure, and soil is Essential to prevent agricultural phosphorus from degrading water quality. Conservation tillage Cropping system that maintains at least 30% of the soil surface Covered with residues after planting. Grass filter strip Permanent sod strip planted at the base of sloping fields or Between the field and surface water bodies. Constructed wetland Artificial wetland created downhill from irrigated crop fields where sediment & runoff are collected and assimilated by growing vegetation. Sediment control basin Basins constructed to collect runoff and trap sediments Diversion Grassed channel constructed across the slope, uphill of a tilled field, To divert excess water to areas where it can be managed properly. Terrace Earthen embankment constructed across the slope to reduce Slope length and runoff velocity. Contour farming Crops planted on the natural contour of the land to reduce erosion. Grassed waterway Sodded channel that provides a non-erosive outlet for runoff. Delayed seed bed preparation Cropping system in which all crop residues are Maintained on the soil surface until Three to four weeks prior to planting the succeeding crop.

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