Phytophthora Training

Diagnostic Tools for Phythophthora in Central
American Horticulture In Latin America, environmental conditions
make plant disease difficult to control. Tropical diseases cause losses up to $30 billion
dollars per year. Phytophthora, the causal agent of the Irish
Potato Famine, results in some of the most destructive diseases
in plants. Timely diagnosis is an important tool to isolate
and therefore prevent the spread of Phytophthora. Horticulture CRSP, with USAID support, is
helping U.S. researchers train agricultural professionals from Central America in state-of-the-art
diagnostic techniques for early detection. Central Americans can now indentify Phytophthora
quickly cheaply, and communicate disease incidence through a Latin American Phytophthora network
to reduce the spread of disease and protect crops and farmers’ incomes. Contributors
Project Leader- Jean Ristaino Funding- USAID
Design Editor- Mark Bell, Nick Madden Editor- Elana Peach-Fine
Photos- Elias Marvinney, Jim Nienhuis, Jean Ristaino, Nina Kuehnle, Beth Mitcham

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