Planting a Fall Vegetable Garden in Raised Bed, Containers & GIVEAWAY! // Fall Garden Series #3

hi everyone welcome back to the fall
garden series well today we’re gonna find out where we’re gonna plant our
fall garden seedlings based on the feedback you gave me on last week’s
video so is it gonna be option number one the long smart pots
raised bed is it going to be option number two the purple smart pots raised
bed and the other little containers right here or is it going to be option
number three the garden arched bed right behind me and some extra smart pots
containers on the side so I want to thank you for all the wonderful feedback
you gave me on last week’s video basically the consensus was that option
number one the plants are doing great here so why move them option number two
too much work to remove too many plants and you guys chose option number three
the middle of the garden arch raised bed with some smart pots containers on the
side so let’s get busy we got a lot of work to do on today’s video because we
are gonna plant our fall garden now if you’re just joining us on this series we
are planning cool weather vegetables cool weather vegetables are vegetables
that grow best in temperatures of 75 degrees Fahrenheit or under a lot of
them will even take a light frost so go back and watch the first video in the
series you can plant them out in the garden directly from seed when the
temperatures are under 75 degrees or you can start them from seeds indoors if
it’s still hot where you live so we’re growing with seeds from the Cali Kim
fall garden seed collection delicious cool weather vegetables such as cabbage
broccoli cauliflower kohlrabi peas lettuce radishes they’re so delicious so
you’ll want to grab a fall garden seed collection over on my website you get
20% off this weekend until Monday September 23rd with the code seeds so
let’s get started planting now I really appreciate all the great feedback you
gave me you guys brought up some great points as to why we should plant in this
garden bed that I hadn’t even thought of one of the best points that was brought
up is that the runner beans as they grow will actually shade the cool other
vegetables that are growing in the middle
which is actually an advantage to us right here in in Southern California
because it’s still hot so by the time it gets cool enough for these to really
grow and thrive The Scarlet Letter beans will start to die off and the sunshine
will go right on these plants and grow them really well and the other thing you
guys mention is it would be great idea just to pop up a couple of extra smart
pots here and add some extra growing space you can’t go wrong with extra
growing space now we are partnering up with smart pots for this video and I’ve
grown in smart pots for years they’re a great way to expand your growing space
their breathable fabric you could just pop them up fill in with soil and you’ve
got a garden and we’re also doing a giveaway for this video and I’ll give
more information about that later on in the video so make sure you stay tuned
but first off let’s climb here in the garden arch and we’re going to get some
broccoli cauliflower and cabbage plant it inside so I went ahead and pulled out
some weeds that are right we’re right here in the middle of the garden bed and
I added some middles stepping stones around the side so I wouldn’t step on
the soil and compact it at least as much as possible and I am gonna be adding
some compost I made right here in my garden here’s the compost and some worm
castings because we definitely want to add some good nutrients to the soil
before we plant again so I’m going to add in some compost and some of the
vermis tier worm castings right here along the drip irrigation line where I’m
gonna be planting the seedlings so as I’m doing that let me just tell you
about the giveaway that we’re doing with this video
smart pots will be giving away two of the 15 gallon fabric smart pots with
handles which means they’re portable and you can move around your garden I’m
gonna be giving away two of the Cali Kim 5-gallon smart pots and one of the Cali
Kim purple smart pots so we’ll have five lucky winners and all you have to do to
enter the giveaway is make a comment on this video about something you learned
in the video you’ll be entered in the giveaway will be doing the drawing on
Monday September 23rd on our YouTube livestream so make sure you comment to
enter and good luck I hope you win now I’m going to
a few handfuls of the vermis tara worm castings again right along the drip
irrigation line worm castings is basically worm poop which is a great
fertilizer for your plants and also really adds the beneficial bacteria and
microbes which really help your plants stay healthy gotta try this stuff guys
I’ve been using it in my garden for years and it really really helps the
health of the plants now the first vegetable we’re gonna plant is the
beautiful red express cabbage from the fall garden seed collection don’t these
seedlings look absolutely beautiful I just love the red color on the leaves
almost like a purplish tint so when you’re gonna when you’re getting your
seedlings out of these little seed cells what you want to do is kind of squeeze
them from the bottom and push with your finger underneath to kind of loosen up
the seedling and then very gently very gently remove them from the cell and
look at these roots don’t they look absolutely beautiful
so what I’m gonna do is plant right next to the drip irrigation hose so I’m just
gonna the soil is pretty loose so I’m just gonna dig a little salt a little
hole here with my tool we’ve already got the worm castings and the compost in
here and we’re just gonna pop this little seedling right in the ground so
we’re gonna try and keep the top of the soil of the seat cell here or the little
seedling here at the top of the soil level of your garden bed fill it in
right around there Pat it down and we are good to go now the red Express
cabbage our beautiful little small red heads of cabbage and I really like
growing them here in our warmer climate of Southern California because they form
heads a lot quicker than the larger type cabbages so we’re just gonna pop another
one here it’s always good to have a backup just in case one doesn’t do so
well you might notice your plants kind of a wilting when you first plant them
that’s just called transplant shock but usually with a little bit of water and a
little bit of sunshine they’ll perk right up so I’ve got some
color flower and broccoli seedlings we’re gonna pop a couple of plants of
each and the rest of this garden bed and then we’re gonna move on to the
containers now you might notice there’s several different little seedlings here
in this seed cell I’m gonna go ahead and plant the whole thing then as these grow
I’ll go ahead and thin them out to one or two of the strongest little seedlings well I think this looks so pretty
planted here right in the middle of this garden art some cauliflower broccoli
cabbage you guys really made a good choice for the location of my garden
well now I need to do to get them off to a really good start and help them grow
right away is add some water-soluble fertilizer the water soluble fertilizers
will be available to the plants right away I’m going to add the vermis terra
worm tea again for the beneficial bacteria and microbes that keep my
plants healthy and I’m also going to add four pumps of the good dirt plant food
which is higher in nitrogen and helps that green leafy growth right away so
I’m really looking forward to seeing these plants grow and since it’s still
hot in California the scarlet runner beans will shade them beautifully and
protect them from the heat until the weather cools off so now it’s time to
plant here in my smart pots containers and this black one here guys this is the
one that two lucky people will win in the giveaway so let me go ahead and grab
my other seedlings we’re gonna plant some collards here in the two larger
size containers now collards are a really nice green to actually do very
well in the cold weather and in the heat so I said I think they’ll do really well
here in these containers especially since it’s still hot here in California
they even take a frost so once the weather gets cold they’re still gonna
grow just beautifully and these are all from the fall garden seed collection so
let me just grab a couple of the little Collard seedlings that we started here
about a month or so ago look at these aren’t these beautiful if you guys have
never grown in peat pellets it’s such a fun way to start seed so go back and
watch the first video where I show you exactly how to do that so we’re gonna
plant one in this container looks like we’ve got another really hell
the one that will plant in this container and you can also plant any of
these seeds directly in your garden bed as long as the weather is around 75 or
under it’ll work really well that way too because I’ve got one more little
seedling now these containers here I have filled with the some nice loose
potting mix is the good dirt potting mix I pre-moistened it and this is actually
potting mix that I’ve used for several seasons the good dirt is so light and
fluffy that you can use it for several different plantings and I added just a
couple inches of brand-new potting soil in the top so it’s so easy to plan in
the smart pots containers just peel the netting off of the jiffy peat pellets
such an easy way to get seed started especially if you’re growing with kids
they love to see these peat pellets expand and kind of watch over them as
they grow so we’re just going to pop this right in the middle here you can
see I’ve added drip irrigation to my containers which you can certainly do if
you like too super easy to do and really takes the guesswork out of watering your
plants or you can just hand water it with your hose or with a watering can
it’s gonna pop it right here in the middle
got my little tag here so I don’t forget what I’m growing now we’re gonna do the
exact same thing in the tan pot right here and it’s really fun that smart pots
does have different colors of fabric containers mark pots material is porous
and breathable so the plants actually do stay cooler in the hot weather what I want to do in the Cali Kim
five-gallon smart pots here is plant some lettuce lettuce is a great cool
weather vegetable I have a lettuce seed collection with five different varieties
of lettuce and I’m actually gonna plant a red romaine lettuce from the lettuce
seed collection romaine is a more heat tolerant variety of lettuce any type of
romaine really is more heat tolerant so I’m gonna just sprinkle some seeds in my
hand you can see they’re really tiny seeds is a gorgeous red romaine lettuce
that I’m just gonna very lightly sprinkle these along my little drip
irrigation hose and the beauty of planting in a container is that I can
move this container into the shade when the weather gets above 75 degrees no
really help protect this lettuce from the heat because it really thrives once
the temperatures drop below 75 degrees so let’s sprinkle a little bit and
lettuce does need light to germinate so I’m not even gonna cover these with soil
I’m just gonna lightly press them down and then water them in and if you live
in a warm winter climate like I do here in Southern California you can grow
lettuce all winter long it will tolerate light frost but do you like to plant
lettuce every couple of weeks during the winter months here in Southern
California and I’m so excited for you because two lucky viewers are gonna win
one of the Callie Kim five-gallon smart pots and one person will receive one of
the Callie Kim purple smart pots this is so much fun to grow in makes a perfect
spot to grow lettuce so I can’t wait for you to win it so make sure that you tune
in to Monday’s livestream will be doing the drawing and I really want to thank
smart pots for partnering with us providing us with these great growing
containers and I really look forward to reading your comments you guys thanks so
much for helping me choose such a wonderful growing spot so I really look
forward to following along with you in the series grab some seeds and get your
cool weather vegetables started it’s so fun to grow vegetables in the fall
thanks so much for watching we’ll see on the next video you

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